Sergey Morozov has held negotiations regarding development of automotive components production in the Ulyanovsk region

During a working trip to Germany on 11 December, the Governor Sergey Morozov and Alexander Gershunovich (Vice President for Business Development at Joyson Safety Systems) discussed issues and prospects of the company's project.


TAKATA plant has been working in the Ulyanovsk region since September 2013. The enterprise manufactures integrated security systems for cars (steering wheels, air bags and safety belts). The company has had the new owner, Joyson Safety Systems, since 2018.

“The concern's management is considering the possibility of increasing production capacity at our plant. The company is planning to invest about eight million euros in the Ulyanovsk production of new components – a magnesium base for steering wheels. In addition, we have discussed the possibility to provide additional investment and to participate in the project for production of key security systems for Aurus cars from the presidential cortege. Next year the enterprise will install new production lines to manufacture security systems for these cars”, – Sergey Morozov emphasized.

In addition, the head of the region met up with another large German company, which supplies leading global manufacturers and Boeing aircraft-building plants with components. The company is planning to implement an investment project to establish an enterprise for production of plastic details for the automotive industry and, in the long term, the aviation one in the Ulyanovsk region. The Port Special Economic Zone can become a possible venue for the plant. The goods will be delivered to automobile plants of the leading global car manufacturers located in Russia. During the first stage, investment into the project will make 200 million rubles.

As a reference:

TAKATA, a Japanese company, has been working in the Ulyanovsk region since September 2013. Investment into the project made more than 1 billion rubles, and over 300 jobs were created for inhabitants of the region. The Ulyanovsk enterprise has been called OOO "Joyson Safety Systems" since 2018.

Aurus is a series of cars for executives and officials. NAMI institute has been developing the project since 2013 as a platform for production of cars for transportation and escort of the top public officials and other people who are subject to the state protection. The series include Aurus-41231 limousines  (SB)/41231, Aurus-4123 sedans, Aurus-4124 SUV crossovers, and Aurus-4125 minibuses. Aurus-41231SB armored limousine is 6840 mm long and is the biggest and the most powerful presidential state car in the world.