Sergey Morozov announced 2020 as the Year of Youth in the Ulyanovsk region

On 15 December, the head of the region made a speech at the X Civil forum in the concert hall "Sovremennik".


“The civil society is becoming more and more active and also more responsible. It is very important for our youth to respond to the country and region's agenda. We can see more and more indifferent, responsible young people who are ready to take fate of the country and the region in their own hands. I suggest announcing 2020 as the Year of Youth in the Ulyanovsk region. Development of volunteering and charity in the region is another sphere of unquestioning partnership and the new responsibility. The Year of Volunteer is coming to the end in Russia, and we are carrying out the Decade of Kindness in the Ulyanovsk region. Over this time we have already prepared legal framework to support volunteers, have established awards for voluntary and human rights activities, and have created the regional Volunteering Council”, – the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

During the speech, the head of the region also emphasized that the Ulyanovsk region became one of Russian pilot regions to introduce the volunteering development standard created by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. At year-end, our experience is recognized as one of the best among 48 territorial entities of the country.

“We are working to develop volunteering and to involve young people in this activity. In 2018, eighteen voluntary projects received financing in amount of 4 million rubles from the Presidential Fund, the Regional Grant Contest and Our Future competition ("Nashe budushchee"). We made the decision to create an autonomous nonprofit organization "Center for Development of Charity and Volunteering". It is important to improve such practices and to support active participants”, – said Irina Lukyanova, Minister of Youth Development.

According to Kirill Bogdanov, a member of the Victory Volunteers movement ("Volontyory Pobedy"), volunteering is one of the main vectors in the development of youth policy. “Volunteers have become essential for any event. They not do they help with the organization of events, but they also hold their own ones; they also implement initiatives and projects that help the target audience and affect social and economic condition of the country. Our Victory Volunteers movement introduces a lot of initiatives. These include entertaining and historical quests with educational elements, improvement of monuments and burial sites of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, and helping veterans. We are planning to implement My History project, which aims to support people who want to find information about their relatives in archives. I am sure that the Year of Youth in the Ulyanovsk region will boost development of new ideas and events”, - Kirill Bogdanov emphasized.