Ulyanovsk region to develop measures of state support for production modernization in 2019

Additional subsidies will be provided from the regional budget within the import substitution program and will be used to purchase equipment for new types of products. The Governor Sergey Morozov announced this during inspection of the automated transfer line for wire processing at OOO "DimitrovgradZhgutKomplekt" on 22 December.


“More than half of employees at the specialized facility are disabled people. The enterprise is accumulating experience in professional adaptation and effectively resolves issues related to employment of people with disabilities, including the ones with visual impairment. Experience of OOO "DimitrovgradZhgutKomplekt" should serve as an example for our region. Today the decision was made provide such enterprises with special subsidies from the regional budget to purchase expensive equipment (no more than 20% of the cost). It will help to increase productivity and salaries, to improve quality of products, and to create new jobs. All necessary changes to the regional and federal legislation should be completed during the first quarter of 2019”, - the head of the region emphasized.

In 2018, about 18 million rubles we used to upgrade production facilities of OOO "DimitrovgradZhgutKomplekt"; in 2017, the financing made more than 2 million rubles. It is planned to provide 15 million rubles to update equipment.

“There are two enterprises in the region where more than half of employees are disabled people - OOO "DimitrovgradZhgutKomplekt" and OOO "Ulyanovskoe Predpriyatie "Avtokontakt". Together with the All Russia Association of the Blind we provide financial support to such organizations. In compliance with the Governor's decision, we have developed legislative acts according to which we will reimburse 50% of energy expenses. We will provide 5 million rubles for this purpose. The region's help allows enterprises to save resources and to use them for modernization of equipment”, – noted Andrey Tyurin, First Deputy Chairman of the regional Government.

The Government of the Ulyanovsk region has developed this resolution to support enterprises where more than half of employees are disabled people.

“This year we have implemented investment projects to purchase equipment. The automated transfer line for wire processing will increase productivity and give is the chance to fit within the most demanding schedules. However, we are not going to fire our employees after the purchase of new equipment. Disabled people can use the latest production facilities. Subsidies to compensate part of expenses is very important for us. This mechanism allows us to increase production volume and to use remaining funds for technical upgrade, as well as to provide disabled people with employment”, – said Mikhail Halzov, Director General of OOO "DimitrovgradZhgutKomplekt".

To develop facilities in 2018, the enterprise has purchased Grimp Genter-64 automated transfer line for wire processing, Videojet 3340 system of wire laser beam marking, NVO-061C-tester of effort control, and Mecal Evtution miniapplicators. According to the head of the organization, in the current year the overall production will exceed 500 million rubles.