Sergey Morozov has directed to design a development plan for the national park "Sengileevskie Gory" in the Ulyanovsk region

The thematic meeting took place under the guidance of the head of the region. The event was also attended by Dmitry Fyodorov (Minister of Nature and Circular Economy), Yulia Skoromolova (Director of the Agency for Tourism of the Ulyanovsk region) and others.


“The national park should make us proud, that is why it is necessary to cooperate with the Government of the Ulyanovsk region and its administration closely. I want to see a joint action plan, the general outline of a development strategy for the national park. The area must serve as an example as far as ecology is concerned. Sengiley can become a gem of the Ulyanovsk region, there are all conditions for this”, - Sergey Morozov noted.

More than 800 plant and 80 mushroom species grow in the territory of the national park "Sengileevskie Gory"; there are also more than 50 species of mammals, over 140 bird species, 17 species of amphibians and reptiles, about 1.5 thousand species of insects, and about 30 species of fish. At the same time, some plants and animals are under special protection.

According to Dmitry Fyodorov, Minister of Nature and Circular Economy, it is planned to design changes for Sengiley to become an eco-city. “They will concern development of the national park "Sengileevskie Gory" that will allow to solve priority issues from 2019 to 2021. These include creating a new view of its natural and cultural heritage as the most important development resource for the Sengileevsky District, Novoulyanovsk and other municipalities, as well as designing a new trend of ecological, educational tourism. It is also planned to create new jobs in the sphere of souvenir production, to organize tourism facilities and to develop food services. The plans also include elements of historical reconstruction of ancient settlements "Kudeyarov gorodok v rajone sela Kamennyj Brod" (Kudeyarov Town Near the Kamennyj Brod Settlement) (7-8 century AD), "gorod Arbuhim v rajone Arbuginskoj gory" (The City of Arbukhim Near the Arbuginsky Mountain)(9-10 century AD), and "dozornaya bashnya Stepana Razina" (Stepan Razin's Watchtower). Daily participation of the national park in public and cultural life of the district is very important. In particular, I am talking about the open dialogue with the authorities, the business and the press. This will help with active integration into development programmes for Tushninsky, Elaursky, and Sengileevsky settlements of Sengileevsky District and the Ulyanovsk region in general,” - noted the head of the department.

"The development strategy for regional tourism assumes construction of a competitive shopping mall "Sengileevskie Gory". Depending on its features, creation of the shopping mall will take 5-7 years. The priority task is to create a favorable infrastructure, which will include a visitor center, a nature museum, a library, an ecological base, Sengileevsky Museum of Local History, an information center "Sengileevskie Gory", and ecological routes. About 300 new jobs will be created", - said Yulia Skoromolova, the Director of the Agency for Tourism of the Ulyanovsk region.