Sergey Morozov ordered to speed up implementation of the national project "Demografiya" in each municipal unit of the Ulyanovsk region

The head of the region talked about importance of this work during the meeting of Council for Family and Demographic Policy, National Projects.


“Today the demographic crisis can be seen in the whole country and its peak occurred in 2016. However, together we manage to keep it in check. Our region, as well as other parts of the country, have to face major challenges while implementing many tasks set by the national project "Demografiya" (Demography). To is impossible to deal with them through traditional methods. We for a long time seriously are engaged in demography subject. We have been working with demographic issues for a long time. We must evaluate the accumulated experience and systematize it to make the most of the well-proved practices during implementation of the new national project. The Ulyanovsk region's family policy has to push on to the next level. It is necessary to focus on work in municipal units where families should be able to exercise their main functions. We also must motivate families to have many children and raise them responsibly”, - the Governor said.

A strategy session where participants discussed tasks and objectives of this national project, as well as its implementation in municipal units of the region, took place at E.M. Chuchkalov’s Social and Rehabilitation Center over a two-day period. Today the region has five key regional programmes that will be included in the national project "Demografiya" approved by the President of the Russian Federation in the Decree as of 7 May 2018. These are "Financial support to families upon birth of a child", "Employment for women – Creating conditions for preschool education of children under three years old", "The senior generation", "Public health improvement" and "New fitness and sports for the population".

According to Ekaterina Uba, First Deputy Prime Minister, similar strategy sessions will take place regarding all national projects in the social sphere. “It is only fitting that we first discussed the Demography programme. Over two days we managed to identify reference points and specific time limits. These indicators will help municipalities complete national strategic tasks set by the President. We have discovered several key points for ourselves. Firstly, considering the demographic trends, it is necessary to improve conditions for active ageing. It is necessary to provide geriatrician services in each municipal unit; for example, at the centers of active ageing. We must ensure introduction of long-term care systems for elderly people in districts. We do not have much time because the Government of the Russian Federation has already determined the timeframe to introduce this system in all regions - until 2024. Secondly, more than half of citizens should do sport systematically. Participation of senior citizens in development of Nordic walking is a good example. That is why we are planning to hold the first regional festival of Nordic walking in 2019. Before this we are going to train instructors in municipal units, - Ekaterina Uba said. - Thirdly, it is demographic development of the Ulyanovsk region. We pay particular attention to work with young people and families. A modern young mother wants to return to work as fast as possible. We have already solved the problem with kindergartens for children from three to seven years of age. Now we must create new places for the youngest children so that mothers could end the maternity leave earlier and return to work. Such solutions as development of private kindergartens and implementation of the Social Nurse project are very important within this framework and will allow to improve the quality of life, especially for young parents. The social service center "Istok" is currently testing a short-term child-minding service in Ulyanovsk. Today the region has five certified babysitters who have completed training in the Pedagogical University within the educational programme "Social babysitter: childcare and development of young children"”.

In addition, the Governor Sergey Morozov examined E.M. Chuchkalov's rehabilitation center, which is located in the Ulyanovsk District. According to Olga Kasimova, Minister of Family and Demographic Policy and Social Wellbeing of the Ulyanovsk region, the center provides rehabilitation to more than 3.2 thousand people on an annual basis.

“Within implementation of the national project "Demografiya", the region aims to improve health of our senior generation. More than 87 thousand people have undergone various forms of rehabilitation in this center since its establishment. The patients included disabled people and veterans of the Second World War, pensioners, disabled people, people disabled since childhood, Chernobyl victims, Afghan War veterans, combat veterans, home front workers, trade union representatives and members of their families. At the same time, the rehabilitation center is equipped with the latest medical equipment and diagnostic facilities to provide medical and social rehabilitation. These include a biochemical laboratory, a unit for functional and ultrasonic diagnostics and endoscopic practice. In addition, to make medical services more convenient, the second building now has offices for thermotherapy, phytotherapy, digestive system treatment, and inhalation. This improved conditions for the patients”, - Olga Kasimova said.