Ulyanovsk region included into the short list of candidates for European Youth Capital 2022

The best twelve cities were selected from over 50 applications for participation in the second stage. They included Baia Mare (Romania), Bilbao (Spain), Gdynia (Poland), Kazan (Russia), Leiden (the Netherlands), Lviv (Ukraine), Poznań (Poland), Ribeira Grande (Portugal), Tirana (Albania), Ulyanovsk (Russia), Varaždin (Croatia), and Veszprém (Hungary).



The idea of submitting documents for this project was suggested by the Governor Sergey Morozov.

According to experts of the Ministry of Youth Development of the Ulyanovsk region, the Youth Capital of Europe 2022 title, which is awarded by the European Youth Forum, aims to broaden opportunities for this category of the population. Thanks to this status, the Ulyanovsk region can become the European youth center of science, culture and business. It will also help to present the best practices developed in the region and its cultural heritage to young people from other countries.

According to Irina Lukyanova, Minister of Youth Development, every year a new European city gets the opportunity to demonstrate its innovative ideas, projects and activities. "The project includes modernization of the current infrastructure facilities, where youth will get both access to educational services and opportunities for creative and intellectual self-expression. These include open space, co-working, modern libraries with integrated education systems, and experimental platforms at educational institutions. The main objective is to stop migration of the young population from the city by making it even more comfortable and attractive, especially for creative and talented youth. It is also important to create all necessary conditions to realize their potential", – said the Minister.

The winner will be selected by a competent jury comprised of representatives from government agencies and the civil society, youth leaders, local and regional authorities, media and the private sector. On 11 March, five applications will we accepted for further participation in the competition. In the second round, they will show a more detailed presentation, which will include a comprehensive programme of social, political and cultural youth events. The winner will be announced in November 2019 during the official awards ceremony in Amiens, France.

The European Youth Forum first presented the European Youth Capital competition in 2009. The city receives the status of the European Youth Capital for one year. It helps to improve relations between the city and European institutes, as well as to develop innovative youth projects and international relations. The project aims to develop international cooperation among local and foreign youth organizations and to exchange experience between national councils of youth organizations in the countries which cities were selected as European Youth Capitals.