Ulyanovsk region has launched component production for Il-114-300 aircraft

Within the production cooperation agreement signed by AO "Aviastar-SP" and AO "RSK "MiG", construction of the component production for the second prototype (serial No. 0110) of the new Russian regional two-engine turboprop airliner Il-114-300 has started in the region.


According to the document, Aviastar-SP will manufacture fuselage panels, hatches and doors.

“The Ulyanovsk region continues improving our positions in the aircraft industry. According to the United Aircraft Corporation's decision, the first profile and competence centers have been created at Ulyanovsk Aviastar to produce fuselage panels and hatch doors for planes. Today our aircraft plant is taking part in cooperation for production of the new MS-21 jet airliner, Il-112B light transport aircraft, and airliners of the Superjet 100 family aircraft. I am happy to see the growing number of orders. In turn, we will continue to extend all necessary support to Ulyanovsk aircraft manufacturers”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

Now AO "Aviastar-SP" is developing design documentation for production of equipment, as well as discussing and signing contracts to purchase components and materials.

After production of equipment, main activities will be carried out in stamping, components assembly and frame engineering shops. The first shipment of the fuselage panels made in Ulyanovsk for the Il-114-300 prototype aircraft is planned for January 2020.

Aviastar-SP is a specialization center of PAO "UAK" (United Aircraft Corporation) in two competences within the MS-21 and Il-112B projects. The plant manufactures fuselage panels, hatches and doors. This is why it was selected as the co-partner for the Il-114-300 programme", – said Grigory Istomin, Director of Programmes for Aircraft Component Production at AO "Aviastar-SP".

Design support and delivery specifications will be carried out by AO "Il", lead developer of the aircraft. Final assembly of the Il-114-300 prototype will be performed by AO "RSK "MiG".


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The Il-114-300 airliner is designed for transportation of passengers, freights and mail. It requires flight strips of class А,B,C,D or unpaved ones capable to sustain pressure up to 7.5 kg/cm2 and outside air temperature from -50 to +45 degrees. The aircraft has up to 64 seats.