Alexey Volin praised readiness of Ulyanovsk region for transition to digital television broadcasting

Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation came to the region with a working visit on 28 January.


“The Ulyanovsk region is among the first seven places where analog broadcasting will be turned off on 11 February. Today we are closely working with all seven territories. They are among the most advanced ones and it shows that everything is prepared to transfer to digital broadcasting. Today our task is to put finishing touches and to discuss analogue switch-off in details”, - the federal expert noted.

Currently the region has all necessary equipment, which will guarantee that 98.5% of inhabitants will be able to receive a steady digital signal. Alexey Volin, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, noted that about 33 thousand households in the Ulyanovsk region are out of the signal reception zone. However, more than 32 thousand of them already have satellite television.

“Twenty-six stations have been built and put into operation in the region to transfer digital signals. At the same time, 373 settlements cannot receive it, which is often caused by local topography. Now these territories are collecting applications for satellite connecting services. The region is explaining details to the population and is monitoring available equipment and its price with assistance of the Federal Antimonopoly Service”, - said Svetlana Openysheva, the Head of the regional state public institution "Government for Citizens".

According to dedicated experts, DTV set-top boxes are not difficult to use from the technical point of view; in case of malfunction, one can return it to the shop or exchange. The equipment must support DVB-T2 broadcasting. Volunteers help with wiring and changing parameter settings of set-top boxes. By order of the Governor Sergey Morozov, in the Ulyanovsk region has introduced special support measures for low-income families to compensate costs for purchase of equipment.

“Low-income families and citizens living alone will receive financial support. The full or partial payment depends on the average income of citizens per capita. Each application is reviewed individually. Welfare offices together with heads of municipalities and settlements' administrations raise awareness of the population every day. Today the monitoring has revealed that in rural areas over one thousand people need subsidies to purchase required equipment. More than 130 citizens among them have already come to welfare offices at the place of residence. You need to provide your passport, income details, the  sales receipt and the one for tax purposes after the purchase of equipment”, - noted Olga Kasimova, Minister of Family and Demographic Policy and Social Wellbeing of the Ulyanovsk region.

According to Andrey Kalinkin, Director of the Ulyanovsk Office of FGUP "Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network", the digital broadcasting network is at the stage of stabilization. "Additional setups have been installed to save electric power. This year, we will put into operation equipment that will allow using diesel fuel if required", - Andrey Kalinkin said.

The Information Centre will answer all questions connected with transition to digital broadcasting. Residents of the Ulyanovsk region can contact it by phone 8-800-220-20-02 (a call in Russia is free of charge) or at the following address: 6A Timiryazev St., Ulyanovsk. In addition, you can learn more about social assistance by calling 8-800-350-46-46.