Participant from the Ulyanovsk region is in the final of Leaders of Russia

On 3 February, evaluation was completed within the semi-final in the Volga Federal District. Alexey Kuznetsov, Manager of Regional and Sustainable Development Projects at AB InBev Efes, was recognized as the winner from the Ulyanovsk region.


“Thirty-four contestants from 12 regions of the Volga Federal District received invitations to the final part of the competition. Among them, seven participants will represent the Nizhny Novgorod region, six - the Republic of Bashkortostan, six - the Samara region, four - the Republic of Tatarstan, three - the Saratov region, and two - Perm Krai. The Republic of Mari El, the Republics of Mordovia, the Orenburg region, the Penza region, the Ulyanovsk region and the Chuvash Republic will all have one representative in the final round,” - said Alexey Komissarov, Head of the competition, Director General of ANO "Russia is the Country of Opportunities" (“Rossiya - Strana Vozmozhnostey”), RANEPA Vice-Rector. He also reminded that there is a waiting list that includes contestants who achieved high scores but did not advance to the final. If the invited participant does not complete the Leader's Heart task ("Serdce lidera"), he or she will be disqualified. Then we will invite one of the semifinalists from the waiting list who did it.

Regional semi-finals are taking place in all federal districts in January and February 2019. Finalists from the Ural, Siberian, Far Eastern and North Caucasian Federal Districts have already been selected earlier. So far, 151 participants have been invited to the final. Semi-finals in Northwestern and Southern Federal Districts will take place from 8 to 11 February. There will be two semi-finals in the Central Federal District due to the large number of applications - from 15 to 18 and from 18 to 21 February.

In addition to successful performance in the semi-final, participants need to implement a social project within the Leader's Heart task to get to the final stage. The final of the competition will take place in Sochi from 13 to 17 March.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin set a specific task. Young, ambitious, promising and talented people who have leadership skills and management expertise are the main part of the Russian talent pool. The policy aimed at rotation and rejuvenation of the workforce has given an impulse to creating the country’s new administrative elite. These are new opportunities for personal fulfillment and promotion. From my point of view, it is of particular importance that as the winner you will be able to do your best not only for yourself but also for the whole country,” - emphasized Igor Komarov, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District.

It should be noted that Leaders of Russia is a flagship project of the open platform "Russia is the Country of Opportunities" and the autonomous nonprofit organization of the same name, which was created within Vladimir Putin's decree. It includes 15 independent projects.

The Ulyanovsk region has been implementing a personnel programme "Regional Leaders" for the second year in a row. It was initiated by the Governor Sergey Morozov in a similar way to the federal competition.

The second stage of competitions held in the form of remote testing finished in January. As a result, 30 participants received enough points. The next stage of regional selection is to take place on 21 February at the Ulyanovsk Region Corporate University. It will be presented as a business game "Strategy of Success" ("Strategiya uspekha") and will aim to evaluate competences of contestants. These include prioritizing, operational and strategic thinking, public presentations, and teamwork and leadership skills.

As a reference:

Autonomous Nonprofit Organisation (ANO) "Russia is the Country of Opportunities" was created based on the Presidential Decree on 22 May 2018. Key tasks of the organization include creating conditions to increase social mobility, ensuring personal and professional self-realization of citizens, and creating effective social elevators in Russia.

ANO "Russia is the Country of Opportunities" develops a platform of the same name that brings together 15 projects. These include a competition of managers "Leaders of Russia" ("Lidery Rossii"), a student competition "I am a Professional" ("Ya — professional"), an international competition "My First Business" ("Moj pervyj biznes"), an All-Russian competition "Russia is the Country of Opportunities", an All-Russian competition "Russian Volunteer" ("Dobrovolec Rossii"), a project "Professional Internship" ("Profstazhirovki"), Grants Competition of Youth Initiatives, MSP Business Navigator, a competition "Russian Movement of Schoolchildren is the Territory of Self-Government" ("RDSH — territoriya samoupravleniya"), professional skill competitions among people with disabilities "Abilimpiks", a management cup among students "Upravlyaj!", a special event "Blagodaryu", professional skill championships "Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia)” , a charity project "Dream with Me" ("Mechtaj so mnoj") and a competition "League of Camp Leaders" ("Liga vozhatyh").

You can find additional information on official websites: лидерыроссии.рф and

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