Sergey Morozov asked Ulyanovsk Region Public Chamber to control implementation of national projects

The head of the region held a meeting with members of the organization on 4 February.


“They have a major task to implement President's national projects. I would like to ask all members of the Public Chamber to have a look at the list of  projects implemented in the Ulyanovsk region, to better understand their essence and to join organization of public control in the Ulyanovsk region. In addition, the Public Chamber needs to take part in digitalization, to work on social networks and to be in touch with inhabitants of the region on a regular basis. Currently the Public Chamber is undergoing additional formation, so I want you to raise awareness about it among public organizations in a more active way, as well as to choose a worthy candidate”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

Participants of the meeting discussed interaction between authorities and the society, development of the non-profit sector, socially oriented non-profit enterprises and territorial self-government, as well as charity and volunteering.

According Marat Aryapov, Vice-Chairman of the Public Chamber, 2018 saw implementation of projects to organize work of public observers during the presidential elections and the Single Day of Voting. What is Wrong ("Chto ne tak") project was also successfully implemented last year, as well as the Decade of NPO and the fair of social projects.

“Today there are 1735 non-profit organizations in the Ulyanovsk region. They work with charity, youth, science, national culture, education, as well as provide support to socially vulnerable categories of residents. In 2018, 223 NPOs participated in grant competitions of municipal, regional and federal level. In 2017, only 193 organizations took part in similar events. From the financial point of view, NPO used about 33.1 million rubles from the regional budget for development of the non-profit sector in 2018. NPO Development Center raised awareness among non-profit organizations and government agencies”, - noted Elena Shporkina, Head of the NPO and Civil Society Development Department of OGKU "Public Chamber of the Ulyanovsk Region".

Territorial self-government movement was also discussed at the meeting. The Chairman Vladimir Sidorov talked about work of the Territorial Self-Government Association in 2018. "Now there are more than two hundred and fifty territorial self-governments in the Ulyanovsk region, two hundred and ten of which are already operating as legal entities. At the same time, it should be noted that the number of territorial self-governments that act as legal entities outside of the regional center has considerably increased over this year. Now there are 131 such entities, and 79 of them are working in Ulyanovsk", - Vladimir Sidorov said.