Ulyanovsk region to take part in All-Russian Congress of Municipal Entities

On 6 February, the Governor Sergey Morozov held a meeting with deputies within the intersession period of the Council of Regional and Local Authorities and Communities.


“The Council of Regional and Local Authorities is a unique coordinating body that aims to raise sensitive issues at the local level. Collaborative work helps to make well-grounded and efficient decisions, as well as to solve the main task within the May Decree of the President regarding implementation of national projects. It should be noted that the Council of Regional and Local Authorities has updated its structure, so I want you to organize special training for local deputies and to introduce the Professional Deputy programme”, - Sergey Morozov noted.

Participants of the meeting discussed organization of party supervision over   implementation of national projects in the Ulyanovsk region; they also talked about the main issues that find place in daily activities of municipal entities’ administrations at all levels.

In addition, it was announced that representatives from the Ulyanovsk region will take part in the All-Russian Congress of Municipal Entities on 7-8 February. According to Denis Sedov (Executive Director of the Council of Municipal Entities and the Deputy of the City Duma) the Ulyanovsk region will suggest several ideas for the federal legal framework of the local government.

"We have specific ideas for improvement of the legislation in the field of municipal policy. I am talking about the federal law No. 131 for organization of the local government. Our suggestions will concern intermunicipal cooperation and establishment of municipal districts. Our proposals will help to distribute money between settlements within the municipal entity in the right manner", - Denis Sedov said.

According to the organizers, representatives from regions will discuss intermunicipal cooperation at strategic sessions during the first day of the All-Russian Congress. They will also identify barriers in their work and ways to overcome them, as well as develop a minimum agenda for the congress. There will be four discussion platforms with representatives of federal ministries, deputies of the State Duma, and the leading federal experts. All potential national projects have been distributed between these platforms. Delegates of the congress will sum up results of the two-day work during the closing plenary session. The final resolution will be adopted. This document will define work of the congress for the next five years. The resolution will include recommendations developed at the strategic sessions and discussion platforms.