Federation Council approved Sergey Morozov's initiatives to improve investment attractiveness and business climate in Ulyanovsk region

On 12 February, the Governor gave a speech at the extended meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy. The event took place within Days of the Ulyanovsk region in the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.


“Investment policy is the key driver for economic growth of the Ulyanovsk region. Creation of a favorable business climate and attraction of investors have been our priority for more than ten years. The solution to these tasks is organization and development of growth points - platforms and territories prepared for expansion of investment projects. The main ones are the port special economic zone, Zavolzhye industrial park, priority social and economic development area "Dimitrovgrad", and development of      renewable energy sources. Growth points have more than once proved their cost efficiency. However, we have additional opportunities to improve it and we need to do it. First, this includes the only port special economic zone in Russia. It provides its residents with the most beneficial tax regime, which allows to save at least 35% of expenses within the project's business plan. At the moment there are 21 investors registered in PSEZ, and the total investment has reached 100 billion rubles”, - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

It is planned to create a center for customization of short- and medium-range aircraft and a plant for their painting, maintenance and repair in PSEZ in 2019-2021. Implementation of these projects requires a regular airport. That is why upgrade of the border checkpoint at the Ulyanovsk-East (Ulyanovsk Vostochny) airport built in 2001 is the main condition for their realization. In addition, government of the Ulyanovsk region is discussing attraction of federal financing for modernization of the airport's infrastructure.

A number of proposals is also connected with legal aspects of PSEZ; in particular, with the duty of its residents to provide security for payment of customs duties to the customs authority. Today this measure is an obstacle for small businesses. For them, 2.5 to 30 million rubles is disproportionate to the production scale.

In addition, developer companies are ready to create warehouse, production and office space in PSEZ for subsequent lease. At the same time, there are companies ready to be engaged in production, warehouse or trade activities but not willing to deal with major capital investment. That is why expansion of the list of activities available to residents of PSEZ is a reserve for attraction of new investors. It will also help to divide duties between developers and operators, as well as to stimulate innovative business.

“The head of the region knows precisely the priorities that we need to protect. If supported by the Ulyanovsk region's team, these priorities can supplement the federal budget with even more money and help with positioning of the region on the map of both the Volga Federal District and the whole country”, - said Dmitry Mezentsev, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy.

Tatyana Golendeeva, Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service, approved Governor’s initiatives.

“Sergey Ivanovich has correctly defined that today when technology and innovation production zones are created residents do not provide funds. The port zone has its own features: here residents are allowed to store not only their own goods, but also the ones of third parties. This means that they can act as owners of temporary storage warehouses, which, of course, requires funding. That is why we do not mind amendments to the law on free zones, which clearly defines that the goods imported for own production needs will not require additional expenses”, - Tatyana Golendeeva noted.

Sergey Morozov also mentioned that it is important to distribute growth points throughout the region. Another proposal reviewed during the meeting involved creation of a priority social and economic development area in Inza, a monotown in the Ulyanovsk region.

“It is a major railway junction which trains pass on their way from the western part of the country to the Urals, to the largest cities of the Volga Region and Central Asia. Industrial production makes more than a half the territory's economy. Nevertheless, the city has problems that are similar for the majority of small settlements in Russia – out-migration and deterioration of social and economic conditions. In 2018, the region has sent an application for creation of a priority social and economic development area to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. This status will allow Inza to launch 11 investment projects. The consolidated budget of the Ulyanovsk region will receive more than 1.1 billion rubles as a result of their implementation”, - Sergey Morozov said.

“We traditionally support regions' initiatives for creation of priority development areas in monotowns. It really provides cities and enterprises with new opportunities. The situation with Inza is a bit more complicated. In early 2018 we made a decision to create priority development areas only in monotowns of the first category, which are the most difficult ones. Currently Inza is in the second category; economic and social situation in the city is at an acceptable level. To support the idea of creating a priority development area in Inza, we together with the colleagues from the Ulyanovsk region need to explain to the Government why it is necessary to do it. I would also like to mention that just recently a decision was made to support creation of priority development areas within the applications submitted last year. That is why in the nearest future we expect to see about twenty-two government resolutions that will assign the priority development area status to twenty-two monotowns”, - explained Vadim Zhivulin, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.