Ulyanovsk region's programme of cluster development was presented at Russian Investment Forum to Sochi

Alexander Smekalin, Chairman of the regional Government, participated in the panel discussion "Industrial Clusters: Ways to Increase Investment Attractiveness" on 14 February.


“The Ulyanovsk region joined development of cluster policy long time ago. We are trying to use all available support mechanisms. The region is among the top-ten leaders in innovative development in the country. Our main task is to create a new economy based on innovative and technological development. That is why we are implementing a number of projects. For example, we are creating a special economic zone of the industrial type "Technology Valley", which will become the lodestone for hi-tech enterprises from among small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, we have already created an alternative power engineering cluster by developing a chain, which includes a basic department to train experts unique for the Russia's first wholesale wind farm and component production for the wind industry in our territory”, - Alexander Smekalin noted.

Technology Valley project is the anchor one for development of the innovative cluster and aims to bring together scientific, personnel, and technological capacity of the companies working in Zavolzhye industrial park, Russia's only port special economic zone "Ulyanovsk" and the Ulyanovsk region's innovative cluster. The cooperation also includes two hi-tech clusters (nuclear and aviation ones), a new developing cluster of renewable energy, dozens of world companies that have productions and several R&D centers in the region, and one of the best IT clusters in the country.

The first 35 MW wind farm was put into operation at the beginning of 2018 near Krasnyj Yar, a village in Cherdaklinsky District, Ulyanovsk region. The second line (50 MW) was launched in early 2019. The region is planning to build at least seven wind farms with the general capacity of 250 MW over the next five years. OOO "Vestas Manufacturing Rus" has localized production of composite components for wind generators, which manufactures 300 blades a year. An investment agreement was signed with GreenSource to build a solar panels plant in the Ulyanovsk region. At the initial stage, it will produce 100 MW of solar equipment a year.

“The Ulyanovsk region has always been and remains the leader in development of hi-tech clusters. All projects correspond to the tasks set at the highest level. Large interregional clusters are created; in particular, the aviation one, which also includes the Ulyanovsk region. Today clusters stimulate region's activities in some way, as well as promote development of cooperation between their participants. We understand that the state is ready to support interregional clusters today”, - noted Denis Zhuravsky, Executive Director of the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia.

In addition, Alexander Smekalin mentioned other spheres that are traditionally important for development of the region - the aviation and automobile cluster and the IT one.