Sergey Morozov reminded about personal responsibility for implementation of national projects

During the staff meeting 18 February, the head of the region said that members of the government and heads of municipalities would be responsible for achievement of the targets set by national projects.


“National projects aim to increase real income, to decrease poverty, to accelerate technological progress, to stabilize economic growth based on technological development, and to improve health care and education. Thanks to participation in national projects, the region will receive major financial support. It is important for us that each resident of the region feels the changes”, – Sergey Morozov noted.

The head of the region reminded that departments will work together with the Reform Management Center, a design office that has been created in the region. "National projects' targets set for our region must be cascaded to the level of municipalities. This concerns the projects that have such requirements. It is necessary to think of agreements that can be signed within each project with participation of the municipality. These documents will specify indicators for the municipality. Thirdly, to organize regional activities within national projects at all levels it is important that everyone understood their tasks and roles. Each municipality must have a clear vision of where, how and by which means it participates in implementation of national projects in the Ulyanovsk region", – the governor said. According to him, all heads will be personally responsible for implementation of national projects.

The Ulyanovsk region participates in 11 out of 12 national projects set by President Vladimir Putin in the May Decree of 2018. The region will use 14 billion rubles for their implementation.