Ulyanovsk region has well-developed infrastructure for support of exporters

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin talked about export of agricultural products during the annual Address to the Federal Assembly.


“The most important indicator that demonstrates improved business efficiency and competitiveness is export expansion, access to international markets. Achievements of domestic agriculture are a good example of it. In 2018 the growth reached 19.4 percent, and export made 25.8 billion dollars. In 2024 it must be 45 billion dollars. By the way, we are one of the largest exporters of wheat (last year its export made 44 million tons) and there is one more significant achievement. Thanks to developments of Russian scientists, we have ensured our independence in wheat seeds. Experts can confirm how important it is. Russia must have the whole set of its own advanced agrotechnologies, which should be available not only at large but also small farms. The is practically related to national security and successful competition in the developing food markets”, - Vladimir Putin emphasized.

According to Sergey Morozov, Governor of the Ulyanovsk region, increase of grain exports is the major factor of positive dynamics in foreign markets, which, in turn, is caused by good grain harvests. "Grain export made 91.9 thousand tons in 2018. Now the Ulyanovsk region has a well-developed infrastructure for support of export, which corresponds to the current Russian practice," – the head of the region reported.

The Ministry of Agro-Industrial Complex and Development of Rural Territories of the Ulyanovsk region designed documentation with the regional component of the federal project "Export of Agricultural Products".  It was approved at the meeting of the Presidium of the Governor's Council for Reforms, National and Priority Projects on 10 December 2018. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation has set a target figure for the region in export of agricultural products by 2024 - 72 million dollars.

According to Mikhail Semyonkin, Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of the Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development of the Ulyanovsk region, Iran is the major trade partner in grain export. “OOO "SPK", a regional grain trader, is the main exporter from the Ulyanovsk region. In addition to grain, the region also provides such goods as vodka and beer, confectionery, and soft drinks. We have established cooperation with Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Thailand, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Kazakhstan, and Latvia. The ministry is working to extend this list. To increase the number of available foreign markets, it is planned that Ulyanovsk enterprises of the agrarian and industrial complex will participate in tasting and demonstration international exhibitions and fairs, as well as international business missions to promote goods and services of the region at the target markets”, – Mikhail Semyonkin said.