Ulyanovsk region to contribute to development of Sustainable Development of Rural Territories State Programme

President Vladimir Putin reminded in his Address to the Federal Assembly that this document is under development.


“The key, long-term factor of sustainable growth in agriculture is, of course, improvement of quality of life in the countryside. I would like to point out that it is necessary to adopt a new programme for development of rural territories this year, and it must be introduced since 1 January 2020”, – the President said.

The Government of the Ulyanovsk region pays close attention to this issue. It is under personal control of the Governor Sergey Morozov. As the head of the region mentioned before, the region has been actively participating in the subprogramme "Sustainable development of rural territories" since the beginning of its implementation in 2014. "Over five year we have taken part in nine activities for social development of the countryside from among eleven ones described by the subprogramme. We have achieved considerable success during that period. Infrastructure of villages is changing, reconstruction of roads is carried out, new enterprises and entertainment venues are being built. About 1.5 billion rubles (800 million rubles from the regional budget and 700 million rubles from the federal one) have been used for implementation of the subprogramme. We presented our experience in development of rural territories during the Days of the Ulyanovsk Region in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation; we have also proposed several initiatives, and they were supported", – Sergey Morozov noted.

A meeting between Mikhail Semyonkin (Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of the Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development of the Ulyanovsk region) and Maxim Borov (Head of the Department for Development of Rural Territories of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation) took place in December.

According to the federal expert, the Ulyanovsk region has enough information regarding this subject to share with other territories. “This is a region with a wealth of experience; a place that pays close attention to construction of roads in rural areas, gas and water infrastructure development, transfer of electrical facilities of garden non-profit associations under control of specialized organizations, the programme of joint financing, and design of an effective  export system. It is also worth mentioning that the Ulyanovsk region is the leader in implementation of projects for support of local initiatives. Thanks to inhabitants of the region, 324 national parks have been created. In total, 485 projects have been supported. Another important point is experience of the region in events and its participation in programmes for support of young specialists who are willing to live in the countryside. These include lump sum payments, favorable terms of accommodation, and housing for agricultural personnel”, – Maxim Borovoy said.

According to Mikhail Semenkin, the regional Government provides financial support to the experts who sign an employment contract with agricultural enterprise or became the head of a farm. These will include payments of lump and monthly allowances for a three-year period.

The programme for support of young specialists in the countryside has been implemented since 2005. According to it, financial support will be provided to them from the regional budget funds. Over three years they will receive lump sums for every year of work (40, 60, 100 thousand rubles respectively) and monthly wage supplements: five thousand rubles for university graduates and three thousand rubles for graduates of educational institutions of secondary vocational education. Just in the last five years, this support measure attracted 640 young specialists (78 people in 2018 alone) to the agro-industrial complex of the Ulyanovsk region.