Tourist and recreational cluster "Sengileevsky Gory" to be created in the Ulyanovsk region by 2030

President Vladimir Putin emphasized importance of infrastructure upgrade and development of eco-tourism in his Address to the Federal Assembly on 20 February.


"This is of paramount importance to give a boost to the whole country, to achieve the full potential of the territory, to develop economy of the Russian Federation", - the head of state noted.

The strategy for development of tourism in the Ulyanovsk region until 2030 includes creation of a competitive tourist and recreation cluster "Sengileevskiye Gory", which is based on development of tourist infrastructure. It is estimated that the cluster will be completed is 5-7 years depending on its unique features.

“Sengileevsky Gory National Park is the key tool to preserve grassland ecosystems and maintain stability of the environment in the Ulyanovsk region and the Volga Federal District in general. The tourist and recreation cluster must include measures for development of infrastructure and specific facilities such nature trails, a navigation field, a visitor center, a museum of nature, a library, an ecological camp, and eco-routes to the designated natural areas”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov emphasized.

It is estimated that 300 new jobs will be created within activities of the Sengileevsky Gory National Park.

The first stage of infrastructure development includes construction of roads, utilities, guesthouses and a visitor center, as well as maintenance of hiking trails. It is planned that an eco-friendly parking lot, a ski resort, an observation deck, and a bus station will be built during the second stage.

"Presentation of the tourist route in the Sengileevsky Gory National Park will take place in April within the Ulyanovsk region's Week of Tourism. The Agency for Tourism is developing tourist routes together with specialized organizations. The sports tourist club "Gorizont" is also involved in implementation of the National Park project. We are cooperating in introduction of new tourist trails in municipal units of the Ulyanovsk region", - said Yulia Skoromolova, Director of the Agency for Tourism of the Ulyanovsk region.