Department for training of specialists in virtual and augmented reality to open at Ulyanovsk region's main university this autumn

The arrangement was signed by the Rector of ULSU Boris Kostishko and Ramil Zayneev, Director General of ZeBrains.


It is planned that the new department - Intelligent Technologies in Information Systems - will train specialists in the VR, AR, and AI spheres, as well as machine learning.

In his Address to the Federal Assembly of 20 February Vladimir Putin mentioned how important training of highly qualified personnel is. According to the head of state, it is necessary to increase the number of successful innovative projects that involve technologies of artificial intelligence, Internet of things, and robotics.

“Now is the time for brave initiatives, for businesses and productions, for promotion of new products and services. The wave of technological development allows to grow and conquer new markets very quickly. We already have examples of successful companies, innovative ones. There should be even more of them including such spheres as artificial intelligence and big data processing, Internet of things, and robotics”, – Vladimir Putin noted.

By order of Governor Sergey Morozov, the region should focus on development of such technologies.

“Higher education institutions and companies have remarkable expertise in these spheres. Our task is to use this potential to transform public administration, separate areas of governance, the social sphere and economy of the region”, - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

"Today there is high demand for specialists in high-tech industries of digital economy. We are developing the system of continuous education by involving preschool and school children in early professional training, as well as creating competence centers and various basic departments in universities", - noted Svetlana Openysheva, Adviser to the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region and Head of the regional state public institution "Government for Citizens".

The main university of the Ulyanovsk region is planning to develop competence in virtual and augmented reality together with one of the leaders of IT business. ZeBrains (OOO "ITECH-engineering") is a part of and is working in IT outsourcing and development of IT systems. The company has offices in Ulyanovsk, Krasnodar and Moscow.

“People are one of the most important parts of IT business. I hope that we will be able to improve all necessary skills sets in the new spheres through joint efforts. This is necessary to solve current and future tasks of the company and the region in general”, - noted Ramil Zayneev, Director General of ZeBrains.