Ulyanovsk region and Czech Republic to improve trade cooperation

The agreement was signed in the presence of Governor Sergey Morozov at the meeting with the management of Opora Rossii's representative office in the Czech Republic. Zdenek Tomicek, Vice President of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic, also took part in the event.



The document was signed by Ruslan Gaynetdinov (Chairman of the Board of the Ulyanovsk Region Corporation for Enterprise Development) and Inna Melnikova (Representative of Opora Rossii in the Czech Republic).

“Development of foreign trade relations is a priority sphere in the Ulyanovsk region. For us, the Czech Republic is one of the promising and important partners. We want to give additional impetus to trade relations with the Czech Republic through such cooperation, as well as to provide our enterprises with an opportunity to expand into new markets”, - the head of the region noted.

According to the document, the parties will help to establish and improve business contacts between enterprises, organizations, firms and businesspeople, and public authorities in order to support small and medium-sized entrepreneurship. It also aims to promote improvement and expansion of economic and business relations.

According to Ruslan Gaynetdinov, Chairman of the Board of the Ulyanovsk Region Corporation for Enterprise Development, in 2018 the region's trade transactions with the Czech Republic made more than US$ 20.2 million: more than US$ 12.2 million were received thanks to import, and export provided US$ 7.9 million. Major import items were caoutchouc, rubber, wood, nuclear reactors, boilers and mechanical appliances, items of ground transportation equipment, as well as their components and accessories. According to last year's results, the Czech Republic took the 11th place among trade partners of the Ulyanovsk region; its share made 1.9% of the total export volume. The list of goods exported to the republic include cars and automotive components, radioactive elements, accessories for machinery and equipment, fuel for aircraft, and products of wood processing.

As a reference:

The Ulyanovsk region's foreign trade turnover made US$ 1.4 billion over 2018; the indicator amounted to 119.2% to the relevant period of 2017.

The share of export reached US$ 790 million, which is by 15% more compared with the same period in 2017. At the same time, the share of non-oil and gas goods' export made 93.99%. The list includes cars and automotive components, grain, products of wood processing, furniture, metal and metal products, and food.

Over this period, 102 countries became partners of regional exporters; twenty-two Ulyanovsk companies exported the products for the first time. In total, more than 139 companies are exporters of the Ulyanovsk region; in particular, there are ones manufacturing radar and radio navigational equipment, radio remote control devices, components for the aircraft industry, radioactive elements, oil products, products of wood processing, plywood, grain, cars and automotive components, etc.