New production line of modern blocks opened in Novospassky District

Governor Sergey Morozov participated in the official launch of the production unit on 18 March.


“In addition to various modifications of sand lime bricks, now blocks made of autoclaved aerated concrete will be used at construction sites of the Ulyanovsk region. The product conforms to the modern international standards and is better than the usual silicate bricks. The line of production is almost waste-free, high-performance and absolutely automated.

In May 2018, Vladimir Putin mentioned annual improvement of living conditions for five million families as one of the major national and strategic objectives. Our Novospassky aerated concrete and our construction materials will certainly help to address this major task,” - the head of the region noted.

According to experts, one production unit can replace up to 20 bricks. Aerated concrete has improved soundproof and heat-insulating properties and it is cheaper in comparison with bricks.

“Such productions are of great help in development of the construction industry. The enterprise will increase rates, volumes and quality of the housing. This is especially important in terms of the new tasks set by the President — to bring the volume of construction up to 1.4 million sq.m by 2024. The enterprise will reach its design capacity this year and will manufacture more than 300 thousand cubic meters of autoclaved aerated concrete, the material which allows to build houses up to 5 floors without additional supporting structures,” - reported Alsou Sadretdinova, Minister of Construction and Architecture of the Ulyanovsk region.

The new production line will have ninety-three employees; most of them are residents of Novospassky District. At the same time, 63 new jobs with the average salary of 40 thousand rubles have been created. Investment into the production made more than one billion rubles. The line's capacity is 1050 cubic meters a day. Local materials were used for construction of this facility - metalwork and sandwich panels were made in Dimitrovgrad.

"I have been working at this plant for more than 30 years and took part in construction of the new production unit. I think that the production site in Novospassky District is one of the best in the country. I have visited many enterprises that manufacture similar products, but hardly any of them have such up-to-date equipment, such a perfect and efficient safety system, which includes light barriers and movement indicating lights. It is important that this facility is environmentally friendly and uses waste-free technologies, as well as the latest air filtration system" — said Vladimir Hodinov, a civil engineer.

As a reference:

OOO "Silikat" has been operating for 45 years. It manufactures silica bricks and lime. The plant is the winner of the regional competition "Investor of the Year" in the Strategic Investor of the Ulyanovsk Region in the Production Sector nomination, as well as the winner of the regional competition "Best Enterprise for Working Mothers" and participant of many interregional exhibitions.