Nemak Rus plant in Ulyanovsk is to increase its production volumes

Governor Sergey Morozov discussed plans for development of the enterprise with director of the plant Anatoly Luzgin.


"The project is important for social and economic development of the Ulyanovsk region: the enterprise satisfies international standards, investment made over two billion rubles and more than 200 jobs were created, the average salary exceeds 50 thousand rubles. Significant contribution has been made in development of the local automotive industry. Implementation of the project helps with import substitution of foreign automotive components and localization of foreign automobile productions in the Russian Federation", – the head of the region noted.

The enterprise located in Zavolzhye Industrial Park manufactures automotive components such as cylinder heads and motor blocks. Last year the plant has made about 180 thousand units.

“2018 was a successful year for us; we have not only reached the targets set by Nemak, but also exceeded them. We predict a small decline in the first half of this year – from April to May, – but we will also keep up with the designed budget. We expect a steady growth starting from the second half of the year and production volume increase. Currently we are working on projects with our customers, but we are also considering the possibility to cooperate with new ones”, - Anatoly Luzgin said.

Opening of the enterprise took place on 11 September 2015. The plant became Nemak's first project in Russia and its thirty-fifth production in the world. Clients of the company include leading automobile manufacturers from around the world such as Volkswagen and Škoda.

As a reference:

Nemak is a Mexican company and one of the global leaders among producers of high-tech aluminum components. The company has thirty-five plants in 15 countries. Clients of the company include fifty-two car manufacturers such as Ford, Volkswagen, Renault, Hyundai, and others. Nemak's annual turnover makes about 4.4 billion US dollars. The company employs about 20,000 people.

Nemak is the key division of Alpha Group, which works in the following spheres: petrochemicals, automotive components, food, telecommunication, oil and gas. Group's annual turnover makes about 15.9 billion US dollars.