500 representatives from 72 regions of the Russian Federation to participate in preliminaries for VII National WorldSkills Russia Final in Ulyanovsk region

Federal competitions will be held in the region until 23 April and will have four age categories - Juniors: 12-14, Juniors: 14-16, Main Group: 16-22, and Skills of the Wise: 50+. The events are to take place at the aviation college - the Interregional Center of Competences. The main spheres will include transportation and logistics such as automobile technology, heavy vehicle technology, aircraft maintenance, autobody repair, and car painting.


"I am very happy that we have already achieved a lot in the WorldSkills Russia movement, which our region joined in 2013 at the initiative of the Governor Sergey Morozov. Over the years, our representatives have taken part in the final of the National Championship. Currently the national team includes two students – Alexander Inozemtsev and Ilyuza Gizatullina. This year Ulyanovsk residents are taking part in 21 activities within the preliminaries", - commented Natalya Semyonova, Minister of Education and Science of the Ulyanovsk Region.

The Interregional Center of Competences has a training ground and a training center. By order of Sergey Morozov, 400.5 million rubles were used to create this regional educational institution; this included all necessary repair and equipment.

“I was impressed with the Ulyanovsk Interregional Center of Competences. I have graduated from the aviation college, and I can see how its infrastructure has changed. It is a great advantage for students who are studying here now. They can train using the latest equipment. As the head of junior activities, it is important for me that school students could see potential for admission to colleges, and such venues and competitions promote development of career guidance among children”, - commented Anna Uzalukova, Coordinator of the WorldSkills Russia Junior Programme.

Aircraft Maintenance competition has already finished in the region as of today.

“I am a third-year student at the Aircraft Construction department and I would like to continue working in this sphere in the future. Last year I learned about the WorldSkills movement and decided to give it a try. Tasks within the preliminaries included four modules – metalworking, engine inspection, hydraulics and composition”, - said Ruslan Miftakhov, a student of the Ulyanovsk Aviation College - the Interregional Center of Competences.

According to Maxim Tambovtsev, an expert of the Aircraft Maintenance-Juniors competence, Ulyanovsk venue has equipment that conforms to all requirements of the WorldSkills Union.

“We should note that participants are showing great results. Judging by the experience, they are on par with people from the adult category. Representatives from 21 regions participated in our competence”, - Maxim Tambovtsev added.