1800 jobs and accommodation for more than 100 residents to be created in Ulyanovsk Tekhnokampus

Governor Sergey Morozov announced this information within his annual Investment Message at the plenary session of the forum of allied municipalities on 2 April.


The head of the region described attraction of investments for innovative hi-tech and digital projects as one of the key areas of work. The most prominent of them is Technological Valley (Tekhnokampus). According to the Governor, it is a major ecosystem project that will create conditions for transition to the new model of economy. Hi-tech small and medium-sized businesses targeted at the new, fast-growing export markets (including the ones within the National Technology Initiative) will take an essential share in it.

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation approved the project in 2018. Five hundred million rubles will be used from the federal budget to finance it in 2019-2020.

“For our part we have introduced the innovative voucher for support of innovative companies. This instrument of financial support is unique for Russia. This is our regional subsidy for research and development, as well as expense reimbursement for digital transformation of enterprises and launch of startups. Another financial instrument, which we are going to introduce this year, is the Regional Venture Fund, which aims to provide financial support and to promote hi-tech projects in the region and at the federal and international levels”, - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

The head of the region noted that the main investment projects would include hi-tech renewable energy projects.

“We have set the task for ourselves to create in the Ulyanovsk region the country's main territory for development of various spheres of renewable energy. We pay close attention to solar power generation, small hydropower, power generation from industrial and household solid waste, microgeneration, the market of industrial accumulators and hydrogen energetics, traditional and nuclear power engineering”, - the Governor said.

There are two wind farms in the region; it is planned in plans to launch at least seven more.

“The Ulyanovsk region gained reputation as the homeland of the new Russian wind industry. We have attracted investors for construction of wind farms have started localization of blades, the most technologically advanced component, – said Igor Bryzgunov, Chairman of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry. – This will help to expand production of other components for wind generators. Preferences provided by the region to new productions, as well as its well-deserved reputation of the leader in support of wind industry, will attract new investors. I am sure that the Ulyanovsk region will surprise us with increase in localization of hi-tech productions for the market of renewable energy sources. By the way, that is why it was decided to hold ARWE 2019 International Forum on Renewable Energy in Ulyanovsk in May 2019”.