Dimitrovgrad's investment potential presented at XI International Forum ATOMEXPO 2019

Alexander Smekalin, Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region, made a presentation at the round table discussion “Sustainable Development of Cities: The Nuclear Industry’s Contribution”. The event took place at the XI International Forum ATOMEXPO 2019 "Nuclear for Better Life" in Sochi.


Experts from different countries represented international organizations, public authorities and the corporate sector. They discussed extensive influence of the world nuclear power and industry on sustainable social and economic development in modern cities.

According to Alexander Smekalin, the region is developing not only fuel industries of the nuclear sector, but also nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical production. Construction of the largest Center for Medical Radiology of FMBA of Russia has been completed.

“Enterprises of the nuclear industry play one of the key roles for the Ulyanovsk region as there is a State Scientific Center – Research Institute of Atomic Reactors in the territory of Dimitrovgrad. It was granted the status of the international center for implementation of joint research projects using research reactor facilities under the auspices of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Today we have completely synchronized the programme for development of Dimitrovgrad as the region's scientific and industrial center with the main development programmes. It is a complex upgrade project that involves creation of urban facilities for leisure, repair of the urban road system and courtyards”, - said Alexander Smekalin during the meeting.

By order of Governor Sergey Morozov, currently Dimitrovgrad is working to create comfortable and safe conditions for accommodation. Within the programme for development of the comfortable urban environment, it is planned to clean 26 yards and Molodezhnyj Park, to carry out the second stage of renovation at the Teachers' Avenue, and to continue renovation of the Duhovnost Park. In 2019, 87.5 million rubles will be used for this purpose.

More than 130 million rubles have already been transferred for repair and maintenance of the road system, including 80.8 million rubles for repair of transit roads and 32.32 million rubles for external infrastructure of the Dimitrovgrad industrial park "Master" at Zapadnaya Street. Sidewalks and lighting will be fixed alongside with repair of the roadway. In addition, within two years it is planned to put in order 42 houses for a total amount of 157.4 million rubles within the programme of capital repair of residential areas.

Various facilities have been selected to be constructed in Dimitrovgrad in the near future such as a kindergarten, a school, and a byroad. It is planned to perform full reconstruction of wastewater treatment facilities as a major stage in implementation of the Ecology National Project.

In addition, Dimitrovgrad has a set of programmes for support of small and medium business in development of the hospitality industry and startups of the nuclear and innovative cluster. Not only new but also the already existing enterprises receive support through mechanisms of the Industrial Development Fund. Dimitrovgrad is a Priority Social and Economic Development Area. This status provides additional opportunities for sustainable business development and localization of partners of the nuclear and innovative cluster. Three large industrial greenfield and brownfield parks have been created. They will include areas of the A category that are currently ready to welcome new residents.

Alexander Smekalin met Ilya Galkin, Vice President of AO "TVEL", at the forum, where the parties discussed joint projects' development prospects.

"Last year alone we signed six road maps with heads of regions where one can find TVEL enterprises. These documents aim to develop cooperation between our enterprises and the local business community in new non-nuclear businesses with the assistance of regional authorities. It will create new jobs and ensure social stability in the cities where the company operates", - reported Natalya Nikipelova, President of AO "TVEL".


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