Ulyanovsk region is among top-20 regions in development of public-private partnership

The annual rating prepared by the National Public–Private Partnership Development Center was presented at the VI Infrastructure Congress “Russian PPP Week”, which took place in Moscow on 23 April.


The Ulyanovsk region moved up two points and took the 20th place.

“The mechanism of public-private partnership helps to address issues of modernization and creation of new facilities in the social and transport infrastructure, as well as the housing and utilities one. We have gained a lot of experience in implementation of projects with the use of both established PPP forms and other effective methods for interaction between the state and private investors. At the moment, an important health-care project is under way in the Ulyanovsk region, and another one for organization of children's rest and health improvement programmes is being registered. Municipal units are also actively involved in this work through modernization of the housing and utilities infrastructure”, - Governor Sergey Morozov commented.

Maxim Tkachenko, Executive Director of the National Public–Private Partnership Development Center, noted the important contribution of the Ulyanovsk region in launch and work of the new ROSINFRA digital platform.

“I am grateful to regional experts who were able to help us double-check the database of 5300 projects within literally two-three weeks. Smolensk, Ulyanovsk, Tambov, Samara, and Ivanovo regions, as well as Krasnoyarsk Krai, are the ones that have been particularly active in this sphere and helped us. Thus, we have completed digital transformation and reloaded the whole database”, - Maxim Tkachenko said.

Today 14 projects worth five billion rubles are being implemented in the Ulyanovsk region under concession agreements. More then ten projects are at the initial stages of implementation. They cover the following spheres: housing services and utilities, sport, health care, transport, sanatorium-resort treatment and education.

“Reliability, stability, and support are important for the investors coming to the region. We guarantee them individual support at all stages of implementation. The preferences include a zero rated transport tax, property tax and land tax. We also have a lowered income tax rate until 2023 (13.5%). Even though the PPP project is not a major one, the zero property rate is still available, which is very important for investors”, - said Marina Alekseeva, First Deputy Prime Minister of the region.

Attraction of private investments in the digital economy, as well as application of PPP and concessions mechanisms for implementation of national projects, became one of the key topics of the VI Infrastructure Congress “Russian PPP Week”.

“Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national programme is based on the principle of public-private interaction. Smart City project is the most promising sphere to use PPP mechanisms for development of the Ulyanovsk region’s digital economy. We will attract financial institutions and products that will support digitalization processes in the region”, - Rustem Davlyatshin noted.