Sergey Morozov and Yury Grudinin discussed prospects of Aviastar-SP development

The meeting took place on 23 April. We would like to remind that Yury Grudinin was appointed as Director General of PAO "Il" on 16 April 2019.


"Yury Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister for Development of the Military-Industrial Complex of the Russian Federation, has visited our region recently. Our country’s leaders present us with new important and ambitious challenges. We understand our responsibility towards both the country and the United Aircraft Corporation, so we have already started addressing the staffing issue. Aviastar-SP is planning to increase its output and to employ Ulyanovsk residents. I am sure that both the plant and our aviation cluster will prosper under the guidance of Yury Vladimirovich", - the head of the region noted.

Currently the Ulyanovsk enterprise for production of aircraft equipment is the largest in Russia. In 2019, the plant in going to assemble six Il-76MD-90A. Commissioning of the assembly line will become a significant event of the current year and will allow to start serial production of the aircraft, as well as to meet all requirements of the Ministry of Defense. Thanks to it, Avistar will be able to assemble up to 18 planes a year.

“Ulyanovsk has ambitious tasks connected with implementation of Il-76 and Il-78 projects. We have to show volumes, the ability to reach out targets. We held a number of meetings including the ones concerning structural changes, which will promote implementation of this programme. In the future, we will optimize the plant's infrastructure; it is necessary to increase the amount of direct labor, which is of paramount importance for us. In addition, 130 jobs will be created in the region thanks to the tail unit production. It is necessary to involve the leading institutes and everything that can be used for training of specialists. The whole regiment based in Ulyanovsk will help Aviastar-SP”, – Yury Grudinin said.

The enterprise has to employ more people due to the increase in production of Il-76MD-90A. Just in the next two years, the plant will need more than 1.5 thousand workers. The demand for personnel is also caused by the MS-21 programme, which will reach its peak output in 2026.