Support measures have been developed for textile enterprises of Baryshsky District

On 7 May, Sergey Morozov visited Baryshsky clothing factory where he examined production facilities and discussed plans for development of enterprises working in the region.


“The Ulyanovsk region is becoming more and more industrial. However, it is important not only to attract new investors and to open the new enterprises, but also to keep the existing ones functioning. Enterprises of light industry can produce more goods and achieve higher profit than now. And we must help them with technical re-equipment and training of highly qualified personnel. Residents from several districts work at the factories in Barysh. It is necessary to think over how to transport workers not only at the expense of enterprises, but also with assistance of the regional government and transport operators who have the right to organize it. The remaining funds can be used for development of production facilities”, - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

Currently the regional Ministry of Industry and Transport has developed a draft Government resolution regarding subsidies from the regional budget that should be provided to legal entities manufacturing woolen fabrics. This measure will ensure partial reimbursement of costs for heat, power, water and water disposal.

In 2017, the regional Foundation for Enterprise Development provided Baryshsky clothing factory with a loan worth 3 million rubles. Using this money, the enterprise purchased an automated cutting complex.

According to Antonina Ryzhova, Director General of OOO "Baryshsky Clothing Factory", today almost half of all products is cut out at this complex. “The new facilities, equipment and cutting complex can increase the output. Last year we purchased 48 units of equipment. The upgrade has increased the output by 25%. Our regular customers include companies that have been working with us for more than 10 years. These enterprises are going to increase their output and production of children's clothes”, - she noted.

In 2019, the factory received 10 more units of special sewing equipment worth 330 thousand rubles. During the first quarter, the shipping volume made 123.2%; and the tax payments to the consolidated budget increased by 34.3% compared to the same period of 2018.

Baryshsky clothing factory is among three largest textile enterprises in Russia that manufacture fabrics and blankets. As of today, this is the only enterprise in the country that makes black woolen cloth.

"To improve the outputs and labor productivity, the enterprise should attract additional floating assets for purchase of raw materials. The regional Foundation for Enterprise Development has approved a loan worth 3.7 million rubles to replenish floating assets of Baryshsky clothing factory", - noted Dmitry Vavilin, the Minister of Industry and Transport of the Ulyanovsk region.

In 2018, the factory upgraded its weaving department and received equipment for production of jacquard blankets. Following the results of last year, the enterprise has manufactured and sold 586 thousand meters of cloth. This year it is planning to produce 700 thousand meters.