Sergey Morozov signed a decree on prospective development of Ulyanovsk region's power industry for 2020-2024

The document has been developed for implementation of the state policy in this sphere and in accordance with resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation.


“It is a major document that sets out development plans for the Ulyanovsk region's power supply system in the long term. Reliable and continuous performance of the energy industry depends on the coordinated planning for construction of the network infrastructure facilities and the generating capacities. The economic and social situation in the region is also directly connected with development of the power sector, effective interaction between its entities, electric energy consumers and investors. And, of course, the most important part is that implementation of this project will ensure steady power supply of the Ulyanovsk region”, - the Governor emphasized.

Establishment of the scheme and programme for prospective development of the Ulyanovsk region's power industry aims to develop its network infrastructure and to meet the long-term demand for electric energy.

Due to increase in industrial production, development of housing construction, electrification of allotments for large families, the predicted electricity consumption volume in the Ulyanovsk region will increase in 2024 making 6044 million kW/hour (103.4% as compared to 2018). The average annual growth in electric energy consumption for 2019-2024 will be 0.56%. The required volume of electricity will be provided through commissioning of new power generation facilities.

The document signed by the Governor confirms the Ulyanovsk region's leading position among territorial entities of the Russian Federation in development of    the renewable energy sector. A wind farm with 85 MW of total installed capacity has been put into operation in the region. The programme for prospective development of the power industry includes ongoing construction of wind power facilities with the total capacity of 75 MW (in 2019), 36-MW wind power plants (in 2020), and 200-MW wind power plants (in 2021). The predicted electricity generation will reach 4188.0 million kW/hour in 2024 (155.6% as compared to 2018).

Alexander Cherepan, Minister of Energy, Public Utilities and Urban Environment of the Ulyanovsk region, noted that a number of projects for development of territorial distribution facilities would be implemented to ensure steady power supply in the region. They will include construction of the 110-KW substation "Novaya" in Sengileevsky District, installation of 110-KW transmission cables on the route Kremyonki – Sengiley for the 110-KW substation "Novaya", and reconstruction of the 110-KW substation "Vostochnaya" in Ulyanovsk. Within reconstruction of 220-KW power network facilities it is planned to perform modernization of 220-KW substation "Kremyonki" in Novoulyanovsk and 220-KW substation "Cheremshanskaya" in Dimitrovgrad.