Japanese Ambassador to Russia Toyohisa Kozuki praised production capacity of Ulyanovsk region

Delegation of the Embassy of Japan visited Isuzu Rus enterprise and examined its new developments on 15 May.


“Last year we signed a 10-year special investment contract between the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Ulyanovsk region and OOO "ISUZU SOLLERS". The event took place in the Kremlin in the presence of Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, and Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan. The total investment within the project will make about six billion rubles. Construction works will start in the nearest future. A new UAZ plant will be built in Ulyanovsk using the best practices; and in the next seven to ten years the region will manufacture from 70 to 100 thousand items a year”, - Governor Sergey Morozov emphasized.

AO "Isuzu Rus" has been working in Ulyanovsk since 2012. It produces commercial vehicles using the full cycle technology at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. ISUZU trucks include both imported and local components. The company corresponds to the status of the domestic enterprise located in the Russian Federation.

"I would like to say that a lot of things depend on the Governor. One of the advantages of Ulyanovsk enterprises is their location and developed transport logistics, which includes two airports. Regional Government and Sergey Morozov personally always help to solve possible issues at productions of Japanese businessmen. It is an important factor for successful work of foreign companies. The Isuzu Rus plant in Ulyanovsk has the advantage of spacious and well-organized production facilities. Today Russian enterprises meet the demand for Russian products", - said Toyohisa Kozuki, Ambassador of Japan to the Russian Federation.

Vehicles of various modifications, chassis and a production line was presented to participants of the event. There also was a presentation of the new chassis with automatic transmission. ISUZU RUS is planning to expand its product line and to bring a gas-powered vehicle with ISUZU NPR82/CNG chassis to the Russian market in the nearest future. The certification has already been completed.

“Now we manufacture chassis of various modifications and our maximum capacity is five thousand items a year. These include all popular Isuzu modifications - starting from light-duty vehicles to heavy-duty trucks. The Ulyanovsk plant has the whole line of popular products manufactured in Japan. Our enterprise is the leader among foreign manufacturers in the sector of light commercial vehicles. Today we are proud of our two unique products. One of them is the chassis equipped with a monofuel methane engine. It is a unique product for light trucks using only gas equipment; its engine is specifically adapted for Russian conditions. The second product is chassis with automatic transmission with the maximum authorized mass of 7.5 and 9.5 tons. It has engines of one volume but different modifications”, - said Boris Abashin, Deputy Director General for Production of AO "Isuzu Rus".

The total production of the enterprise from 2012 to 2018 exceeded 19 thousand trucks. Last year 4.6 thousand chassis were manufactured. Currently the output has reached five thousand items a year. The plant's employees can make from 8 to 36 chassis a day depending on the modification.

“The company manufactures trucks in Ulyanovsk because here we can center production of high-quality Japanese cars. The region's government has created the necessary business environment. Governor Sergey Morozov has paid attention to the enterprise from the very beginning, and this is a great honor for us. This March we were able to send 10 employees to Japan to receive training in manufacturing standards within the economic cooperation”, - said Sodziu Okimura, Logistics and Procurement Director of AO "Isuzu Rus".

Currently Ulyanovsk enterprise has 208 employees, and 134 of them have special qualifications.