Ulyanovsk region and People's Republic of China getting ready for 150th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birth

Anniversary projects organized by the Lenin Memorial and Mao Zedong's House Museum are to launch in August.


An exhibition of children's drawings "Ulyanovsk – rodina Lenina" (Ulyanovsk - Lenin's Homeland), which Memorial Museum of V.I.Lenin will send to its Chinese colleagues in late summer, will become one of the first bilateral events. Pictures created by young artists will feature places in Ulyanovsk related to Vladimir Ilyich and his family. There will also be real photos of these places and detailed summaries. Opening of the exhibition in Mao Zedong's House Museum (Shaoshan, People's Republic of China) is scheduled for 15 August.

An exhibition created by Mao Zedong's House Museum will be presented in the Lenin Memorial in October. Drawings of Chinese children, as well as real photos, will tell Ulyanovsk visitors about Shaoshan and places connected with Mao Zedong's life.

“An organizing committee under the chairmanship of Governor Sergey Morozov has been created in the Ulyanovsk region. It approved the road map for celebration of the 150 anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin in his homeland. The programme includes many regional, federal and international events and projects. For Vladimir Ulyanov's birthday, the Lenin Memorial will send a large exhibition project "Lenin i Vremya" (Lenin and Time) to the People's Republic of China in April 2020. Mao Zedong Memorial Museum in Shaoshan will become the first venue to show it. Vladimir Lenin will be presented as an outstanding political leader and the founder of the Soviet state. The project will feature photographic documents”, - said Evgenia Sidorova, Minister of Art and Cultural Policy of the Ulyanovsk region.

The 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin will take place on 22 April 2020.