Ulyanovsk residents won nine medals in the final of VII National Championship «Young Professionals» (WorldSkills Russia)

Skills competitions were completed in Kazan on 24 May.


In total, more than 1600 contestants from all regions of the country took part in the final. They competed in 87 main skills, which included 48 WorldSkills Juniors and 24 Future Skills ones. About 1500 experts evaluated adult and young participants.

“We support secondary vocational education. I can now proudly say that after the final of the WorldSkills Russia National Championship, our region took the 17th place in the medal ranking among all territorial entities of the Russian Federation. It was also included in the top-20 in the country and got the 5th place in the Volga Federal District. This is a very important movement, and we are among the leaders who won so many medals. I would like to emphasize that it was the first time when 11 people represented the Ulyanovsk region in 11 skills”, - said Governor Sergey Morozov.

The regional national team won nine medals. The first place was taken by Artyom Klimochkin, a pupil of secondary school No. 31, in the Automobile Technology skills of the Juniors age category (12-14 years old). Pavel Korobitsin, a student of the Aviation College, in the Car Painting skills, won the silver medal. In addition, other students of this educational establishment - Ruslan Miftakhov, Anatoly Gusev, Pavel Averyanov, and Anton Fedoseyev, - as well as Gulsiya Murtazina, a student of the Ulyanovsk Pharmaceutical College, Vladimir Bryzgalov, a pupil of secondary school No. 63, received medals for their professionalism.

According to the winner Pavel Korobitsin, he completed four modules within the Car Painting competition. “It included painting of the splash board, the damaged site, selecting a color that will match the original one and painting of the car door. Each task had to be completed within two and three hours. It was the first time I participated in the National Championship and I am very proud of this achievement. I study the same discipline at the college”, - he said.

The championship also included Skills of the Wise, a competition for specialists in the age category “50+”. Nadezhda Yershova, a master of vocational training at Inza State College of Technology, Economics and Law of the Ulyanovsk region, took the second place.

We would like to remind that the Ulyanovsk region joined WorldSkills movement in 2013 at the initiative of Governor Sergey Morozov. “Our representatives annually win prizes in the final of the National Championship. We have improved our positions in comparison with 2018. This is the result of work carried out within implementation of the Young Professionals federal project. The head of the region set this task among the priority ones”, - said Natalya Semyonova, Minister of Education and Science of the Ulyanovsk region.