New projects to be implemented in Dimitrovgrad Nuclear Innovation Cluster

A joint meeting of member organizations was headed by Alexander Smekalin, Prime Minister of the region, and took place on 29 May. During the event it was decided to include new companies in the cluster.


“I am pleased to note that the number of participants is steadily increasing and their geography is extending. Today the cluster has 68 members. This shows effectiveness of the selected policy and support measures, which help to develop scientific potential of both Dimitrovgrad and the whole region. Currently the cluster is based on research institutes, production facilities and small innovative enterprises. Their total product export makes almost three billion rubles. These enterprises have a lot of cooperation ties, which proves that all of them manufacture highly competitive world-class goods. Employees' average salary is also steadily increasing and has reached 48 thousand rubles. At the same time, the anchor enterprise JSC «SSC RIAR» paid its staff 50 thousand rubles in 2018. Thanks to these indicators, work of Dimitrovgrad Nuclear Innovation Cluster was praised by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation”, – Alexander Smekalin said.

Dimitrovgrad Nuclear Innovation Cluster was established in 2010 by order of Governor Sergey Morozov. Today it is the main tool for development of the monotown and the region in general. The cluster seeks to find new innovative solutions, to help companies in launching their projects, and to ensure effective interactions between participants.

According to Albert Gataullin, Director of ANO "Center for Development of Nuclear Innovative Cluster of Dimitrovgrad of the Ulyanovsk Region", the cluster has demonstrated steady growth over the last five years in all key indicators, which describe activities of the cluster cooperation.

“The throughput per person made more than 1.9 million rubles in 2018; we implemented 18 new projects and received 31 patents including six international ones. The nuclear innovation cluster brings together science, education, industry and small innovative business to introduce new products to the market. We will expand our business profile. Previously projects were mainly connected with medicine, new materials, and nuclear technologies; now we are joined by companies working with digital technologies”, - Albert Gataullin reported.

During the meeting, participants listened to and later adopted a report on the results of work carried out by the specialized organization of Dimitrovgrad Nuclear Innovation Cluster in the Ulyanovsk region. Potential residents of the cluster also presented their projects. This year the cluster has received three applications, which were approved at the event. Three companies were accepted as new members: AIS City, Qwerty and Impulsnye Energosistemy. Two of them work in the sphere of information technologies.

In addition, a strategic session of TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom and the region's manufacturing enterprises took place in Dimitrovgrad on the same day. The event was organized with assistance of the regional government and the Nuclear Innovation Cluster. AO "TVEL" aims to create regional business partnership for accelerated development of new non-nuclear spheres.

The event was attended by staff members of the largest regional universities and representatives of several leading hi-tech enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region working in the automotive industry, instrument-making, microelectronics, automation, and mechanical engineering. The proposals for development of non-nuclear business were examined by resident companies and partners of the Nuclear Innovation Cluster such as Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant, AO "Dimitrovgrad Auto Modular Plant" (DAAZ), Aviastar-SP, NPP "Zavod Iskra", Altren, Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau, Rekardo, and Autopartner. In addition, the venue was visited by representatives of JSC «SSC RIAR», Dimitrovgrad enterprise of Rosatom's scientific division.

Ilya Galkin, Vice-President for Strategic Development and Marketing of JSC “TVEL”, and Alexander Kamashev, Director of the Department for Implementation of Programmes for Creation and Development of New Businesses, spoke in detail about activities of TVEL Fuel Company in development of regional business partnership; they also mentioned key spheres of new businesses and possible formats of cooperation.

“TVEL's successful experience in searching for business partner in the regions where it operates can be used in other regions with other Rosatom enterprises. The Ulyanovsk region has long-standing traditions and great skills in mechanical engineering, that is why we can see interesting prospects for cooperation in additive technologies and equipment production in particular”, - Ilya Galkin noted.

According to Rustem Davlyatshin, Minister of Digital Economy and Competition  of the Ulyanovsk region, AO "TVEL", which is the largest enterprise of ROSATOM State Corporation, considers business diversification in non-nuclear industries: mechanical engineering, additive technologies, stores of energy storage systems and metallurgy. The Ulyanovsk region has enough enterprises with great competences in these spheres.

“It is very important for us to develop partnership between the leading hi-tech enterprises and companies of the Ulyanovsk region and the State Corporation, to implement joint projects, to integrate into global chains, and to localize technologies, which Rosatom State Corporation is interested in”, - Rustem Davlyatshin explained.