Ulyanovsk region to initiative establishment of a world-class research and educational center on renewable energy

The Governor of the Ulyanovsk region made this announcement at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.


The Ulyanovsk region is creating conditions for full-scale development of its renewable energy sector. Renewable energy sources (RES) are a strategically important industry to ensure advanced economic development of the region; first of all, due to attraction of foreign investments into the hi-tech sector and development of industrial and scientific potential of the fast-growing renewable energy sector.

The Ulyanovsk region has already made significant progress working with industrial projects, in the wind industry in particular: in 2018 the first wholesale wind farm was built here by Fortum within RES Power Supply Contracts programme. In 2019, the Wind Energy Development Fund (WEDF), which was established by RUSNANO and Fortum, commissioned the second stage of the wind farm. Localization of components manufacturing for wind turbines is also carried out – VESTAS, a world-leading supplier of wind generators, has opened a unique production of fiberglass blades. It the future it is planned to build new facilities for RES generation and to develop an industrial cluster to manufacture materials and equipment for the new industry.

The region is working to create a world-class REC through establishment of consortium of scientific and educational organizations, which carry out research and development activities, as well as implement educational programmes in the sphere of renewable energy sector. “We have already created conditions for cooperation between strong players in the sphere of renewable power engineering for implementation of their investment projects. Now we aim to bring together leading scientific schools and engineering laboratories in Russia, to attract foreign competence centers to create a series of world-class hi-tech products. We are also looking for commercialization on the global markets in cooperation with industrial partners, leaders of the global RES industry,” - Sergey Morozov noted.

Russia's national project "Science", which includes creation of at least 15 world-class RECs, will help to implement such difficult cooperation research and development programmes that bring together leading competence centers in the chosen sphere. A research and educational center on renewable energy is designed at Ulyanovsk's initiative. Such RECs will become the most important part for competences in RES technologies. This facility will be created on the basis of the leading Russian laboratories, which have potential for implementation of research and development projects in various fields of wind power and solar power industries and digital technologies for energetics: from power engineering and new materials to predictive analytics systems and intelligent management of distributed generation. According to the Governor, from this standpoint, a research and educational center is an association of equal partners implementing a joint development program and not just a specific center or laboratory in the region.

“As a region, we emphasize paramount importance of the renewable energy sector for our economic development. We are ready to give our full support to such a significant project; we will provide conditions to establish an infrastructure, as well as comfortable jurisdiction and cooperation with regional industrial partners; all of these supported by international relations. We are sure that the research and educational center we are developing now will bring competitive technologies for the growing market of renewable power, qualified professionals, and excellent teams that have created a knowledge-intensive business in various segments of the renewable energy sector”, - the head of the region emphasized.