New diatomite processing facility to be built in Inzensky District

Governor Sergey Morozov, Sergey Vasin (CEO of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation) and Andrey Fomin (Director General of Diatom-Povolzhe) signed an agreement on implementation of the investment project on 17 June.


“The project will help us create new jobs in the municipality – the company is planning to employ 118 people and this number might increase in the long term. Investments into the new facility will make more than 300 million rubles. All of this will contribute to the development of Inzensky District. The enterprise will be built near Skamol plant in the industrial zone. This facility is also connected with diatomite processing and manufactures high temperature insulating materials”, - the head of the region noted.

Production facility of Diatom-Povolzhe will be placed near diatomite field in Inza, which makes about 20% of the world known reserves. This material is used in various industries such as metallurgy, oil and gas, food, construction and healthcare.

“We support implementation of this project. By order of the Governor, Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation together with the Agency for Human Development will train stuff for the new enterprise. It is planned that this facility will employ residents from Inza and a settlement called Svet. They will undergo all necessary training. The company will ask Monotowns Development Fund to help with implementation of the project”, - Sergey Vasin commented.

Andrey Sosin, Commercial Director of OOO "Diatom-Povolzhe", reported that about 50% of the products made by this plant will be exported to the countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It is planned to launch production by the end of 2020.