Bolshaya Ulyanovskaya Tropa project to be developed in the region

Governor Sergey Morozov gave the assignment to the Ministry of Nature and Circular Economy of the region at the meeting with expert ecologists.


The project under the working title "Bolshaya Ulyanovskaya tropa" represents a complex of tourist trails at the main natural sites of the region. It will include routes in conservation areas; first of all, in Sengiley Mountains National Park, Undoriya Geopark, Valley of Wild Peonies ("Dolina Dikih Pionov"), and also near such natural landmarks as White Pond, Yulovsky Pond, Akshuatsky Arboretum, Yazykovsky Park, Skripinskiye Kuchuri, Krasnogulyaevsky cave, Undorovsky mineral springs, Ulyanovsk Arboretum and others.

“Within implementation of the project, we will prepare trails and create all necessary tourist infrastructure, which will also include commercial facilities. We want to be among pioneers of this movement. All tourist routes brought together as a single trail is an opportunity to learn more about the nature of our country, to visit unique parts of the Ulyanovsk region, to walk along them, and to immerse yourself in the surrounding natural beauty”, - Sergey Morozov noted.

It is planned to create a major industry of domestic tourism in the Ulyanovsk region, which will include well-developed walking trails (with entrance areas, signposts, and lookouts), food and beverage facilities, hotels, and parking lots.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us. We must create an institute of professional tourist guides who should have not only general knowledge about the nature but also some practical skills. For example, they must know how to navigate the terrain and how to provide first aid. This institute will be created with assistance of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Ulyanovsk region, as well as management of Sengiley Mountains National Park and the Agency for Tourism”, - emphasized Dmitry Fyodorov, Minister of Nature and Circular Economy of the Ulyanovsk region.

According to experts, the project "Bolshaya Ulyanovskaya Tropa" will help to involve both Ulyanovsk residents and guests of the region in the new leisure activity, to cultivate love for nature and a healthy lifestyle.