Ulyanovsk region develops a mechanism for government export support

During the call-in show on 20 June, President Vladimir Putin explained how the International Cooperation and Exports national project would support farmers.


According to the head of state, 10 years ago it was impossible to even imagine that export of agricultural products would reach today's indicators. The president talked about state support of the agricultural sector and small-scale farmers. He also set the task for the Ministry of Agriculture to address development of regional food brands.

“This year, total support to the agricultural sector made over 300 billion rubles. Large-scale enterprises received 45% of it and farms got 16%. Farmers make 12% of the market. It shows, first of all, that our state supports agricultural development”, – Vladimir Putin said.

According to the head of the region Sergey Morozov, almost all municipal units carry out production modernization or build new objects. “The Ulyanovsk region's export volumes of agricultural products must reach 72 million dollars by 2024. In this regard, we will develop dairy farming; in particular, we are planning to build new livestock facilities and to upgrade the existing ones to improve the quality and production of milk in 2019. In addition, we will pay particular attention to poultry farming; I am mainly speaking about financial rehabilitation and startup of enterprises located in the Ulyanovsk region. Thirdly, we will create production facilities for high-level processing of agricultural products including grain, as these goods are in high demand by various industries both in Russia and abroad. Development of this sphere will increase volumes of export of value-added products; this will promote implementation of the International Cooperation and Exports national project in the Ulyanovsk region”, – the Governor concluded.

According to Mikhail Semyonkin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region – Minister of the Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development, the government department pays particular attention to sales of products made by local manufacturers.

"Completing the tasks set by the priority project for development of export will increase the number of exporters of agricultural products and improve export volumes of the existing export companies. Development of export is the priority task for our region. The Islamic Republic of Iran is our major grain purchaser. In addition to grain, the region traditionally exports such types of goods as confectionery, beer, vodka, and soft drinks. We have developed cooperation with Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Thailand, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Germany and Latvia. And we are actively working for expand this list", – Mikhail Semyonkin noted.

According to Stanislav Sankeev, Head of the agro-industrial consumer cooperative "Renaissance Agro", a bilateral memorandum on cooperation between Ulyanovsk Agricultural Consumer Co-operative and Batis Tejarat Caspian was signed in Iran on 18 June within implementation of the national project. “The cooperation will be carried out in the sphere of agriculture to export products to the Republic. We are also interested in exchanging the best practices in the field of agricultural infrastructure. We will continue working in this sphere and others such as transportation, cattle breeding and auxiliary production for both agricultural and processing sectors”, – the expert emphasized.