Federal experts of lll All-Russian Social Innovations Forum praise proposal of the Ulyanovsk region

On 19 June, Governor Sergey Morozov made a presentation at the plenary session on Innovative Projects and Technologies of National Projects.


In discussion was attended by Svetlana Orlova (an auditor of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation), Olga Zabralova (First Deputy Prime Minister of Moscow Region), Leila Rinatovna (Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan), and heads of territorial entities of the Russian Federation. Sergey Morozov acted as a co-moderator of this plenary session.

The head of the region began his presentation by saying that now many residents of the Ulyanovsk region are not involved in the regional agenda and do not associate their plans for the future with the region. Summer camp for all age groups can change this situation.

“We are planning to create a single system of thematic summer sessions in the Ulyanovsk region for different categories of citizens of all ages. In addition to sessions for children, we will organize professional industry-specific ones for young specialists, sessions for senior citizens, and various social and professional communities. First, we will continue attracting individuals and the private sector to this sphere. It must become the key vector for development of the system of leisure and recreational activities. Secondly, we want to ensure that summer camps will gradually transform into an innovative format of teaching. By involving citizens of all age in leisure activities, the number of summer sessions will increase from 26 up to 77, and the number of participants will almost triple. This will also help to remove social barriers that impede residents' effective participation in socio-economic life of the region. Inhabitants of the region will be able to find self-fulfillment, to immerse themselves in the interesting sphere, and to experience new forms of social communications. And all these changes, in turn, will solve the main task to improve social optimism in the region. The last but not least, through introduction of the educational element via thematic and training sessions, we intend to create a separate community of well-rounded citizens who will be able to show themselves in each aspect of the modern information-based world. Representatives of this society will be the main source for the region's social and economic development”, - Sergey Morozov said.

According to Olga Zabralova, First Deputy Prime Minister of Moscow Region, the Governor's idea is very promising and will increase social optimism of the population. In addition, Olga Zabralova mentioned that the project presented by Sergey Morozov applies to every person and is connected with improvement of social services.

The idea to improve people's quality of life through summer holidays was well received by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives after participation of the Ulyanovsk region's team in the retraining programme for management teams working in the social sphere.

According to Ekaterina Uba, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region, the regional team, which consists of government officials and business representatives, was able to successfully present and defend the project "The System of Leisure and Recreational Activities as an Instrument for Social Changes in the Region".

“We have not studied this sphere for a very long time while improving economic potential of the region. That is why today it is so important to increase the level of social optimism, which is among the main objectives of the project that we will begin implementing this year. Smart summer camp, which will become the platform for implementation of our project, will be launched in late June”, - Ekaterina explained.