Sergey Morozov instructed to scale up state support measures for purchase of automotive vehicles made in Ulyanovsk

Relevant amendments will be made to the regional legislation to compensate up to 50% for the expenses associated with purchase of UAZ Profi cars. This decision was made after inspection of OOO "Avtodom" plant on 28 June.


“The enterprise accomplishes socially important tasks by providing the least protected categories of citizens with transport. The region needs to upgrade the vehicle fleet of the Ministry of Education. I am sure that the plant will successfully complete the order. Our objective is to provide all organizations that use transport with products made by Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. That is why in the nearest future it is necessary to amend legal provisions to promote purchases and sales of vehicles based on UAZ Profi. The compensation will amount up to 50% of the product's value”, - the head of the region emphasized.

The enterprise has been manufacturing cars based on UAZ Profi  that can be used for transportation of passengers with disabilities since 2019. At the moment, it has more than 350 employees; about 200 of them are involved in production of special equipment.

“Using UAZ Profi as the base, the company has started manufacturing vehicles intended for social needs that can be used for transportation of passengers with disabilities, as well as ambulances and school buses. The Governor and the Government of the region pay particular attention to social issues. Thus, districts of the region were provided with 17 cars in June within the national project “Demography”. Currently we are planning to expand our production facilities. Investments into the project will total about 180 million rubles. New plant will allow to employ about 250 new people”, - said Dmitry Kondratyev, Director General of OOO "Avtodom".

The new production facility of 15,000 sq.m is meant to expand the range of special purpose vehicles based on UAZ Profi, such as box vans, refrigerator vans, passenger-and-freight vehicles, and buses. It will also increase the production of already existing models. Thanks to it, the total production output will more than double.

OOO "Avtodom" is among enterprises that greatly affected growth of the industrial production index in the Ulyanovsk region in January - May, 2019: over five months, the volume increased by 2.4 times compared to the same period last year. Most of the automotive components used in production are manufactured with the use of modern equipment. This allows us to work both with production models and single orders", - added Andrey Tyurin, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ulyanovsk Region.