Sergey Morozov outlined steps for implementation of the national project "Education" in Ulyanovsk region until the end of 2019

On 30 June, the Governor held a meeting with participants of the regional festival of teachers' clubs, which was held in Novospassky District.


The head of the region and teachers discussed the tasks set by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in the national project "Education".

“A new education programme is to be launched in the Ulyanovsk region very soon. It will include projects that we are going to work on in the nearest future. For example, increasing the number of offices of All-Russian children's voluntary organizations and family associations at school, as well as creating school museums and expositions in each establishment. The         low degree of parents' knowledge and responsibility as far as their children's education and health are concerned continues to be a pressing challenge. That is why the Ulyanovsk region has joined implementation of the federal project "Support for Families with Children". Regional counselling service has been available since the beginning of the year. However, we must continue implementing activities to improve parenting skills in the field of education. It will be necessary to launch an information and educational campaign for parents at the beginning of the school year. We will provide online advisory services on social networking websites”, - the head of the region said.

In addition, the meeting concerned issues of teachers' professional development and the quality of education, as well as digitalization of the industry.

The Governor noted that under the law on the Status of Teachers, it is planned to carry out training in the center "Sirius". Ulyanovsk experts will also take part in Sberbank's educational programme "Contribution to the Future". Sergey Morozov said that all educational institutions will receive high-speed internet connection until 2021 within the Digital Educational Environment and Digital Economy projects.

Ekaterina Uba, First Deputy Prime Minister, reported on the progress made in development of the law on the Status of Teachers.

“The President set Teacher of the Future project as one of the priorities. It will be extremely difficult or even next to impossible to implement this programme if we do not improve teachers' image. By the way, today the project is widely discussed in the society thanks to the federal edition of "Uchitelskaya Gazeta". In addition, at the Forum for Social Innovations in Regions we were able to discuss the regional law with Olga Vasilyeva, Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, who supported us in this work”, - Ekaterina Uba noted.

According to the responsible agencies, the festival of teachers' clubs brought together more than 100 people this year. During the three-day work, participants will demonstrate their skills during master classes and tourist competitions.