Ulyanovsk universities to join implementation of national projects "Science", "Education" and "Digital Economy"

On 2July, Governor Sergey Morozov participated in a meeting of the regional Council of Rectors.


The head of the region noted that at the moment there were seven federal projects, and higher education establishments should join their implementation.

“We should pay attention to the Young Professionals project, which aims to improve competitiveness of professional education. During implementation of the programme, we must commit ourselves to changing universities into state innovation centers. It is planned to provide about 93 billion rubles from the federal budget for this purpose until 2024. This huge amount of money once again proves importance of higher education development both in the country and in the region. To use this sum in the right way, we will need to create workshops equipped with the latest science and technology resources. We should also develop programmes to improve international competitiveness. We are planning to organize summer and winter schools in the region to create foreign resource centers that for training and holding academic competitions for talented foreign students”, - said Sergey Morozov.

According to experts of the regional Ministry of Education and Science, strategic national projects "Education", "Science" and "Digital Economy" have federal projects for universities; including the ones located in the Ulyanovsk region. The national project "Science" involves the following areas: "Development of science, research and production cooperation", "Development of advanced infrastructure for research and development in the Russian Federation", and "Human resource development in research and development". The national project "Digital Economy" includes "Personnel for digital economy", and the national project "Education" has "New opportunities for everyone", "Education export" and "Young professionals" projects.

According to Boris Kostishko, rector of the main university, ULSU is already planning to participate in implementation of several national projects.

“We want to participate in a number of programmes. For example, within the Success of Each Child project we want to create a social and cultural space at ULSU where children could receive soft-competences. We would also like to participate in a competition to build the House of Scientific Collaboration. Speaking about the project "Social Activity", we are planning to take part in a competition to receive grants awarded for the best practices in the sphere of environmental volunteering”, - Boris Kostishko mentioned.