Preliminaries of the federal competition for IT specialists within the national programme "Digital Economy" have started in Ulyanovsk region

The event is held with assistance of Governor Sergey Morozov at the Agency for Technological Development of the region (ATD).


The Fund for Assistance to Small Enterprises in the Sphere of Science and Technology announced the beginning of preliminaries within the federal projects "Information Infrastructure" and "Digital Technologies" of the national programme "Digital Economy".

“Our region, as well as the whole country, have the task to digitalize our economy. First of all, in the key industries such as agriculture, agro-industrial complex, cooperative business, trade, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Highly qualified personnel is at the heart of this major work. Such competitions help to find competent experts and to use our resources to support them”, – the head of the region noted.

Preliminary rounds of the competitions take place under the programmes "Start" and "Development". The call for applications will finish in autumn. The Agency for Technological Development can help with registration of all necessary documents, as well as provide further consultations.

According to experts of ATD, the programme "Start" aims to create and support small innovative enterprises seeking to develop production of new goods, technologies or services with the use of their own scientific and technical research. They can receive three million rubles.

The programme "Development" focuses on support of enterprises that want to carry out additional research and development, which will increase their overall performance through diversification of products, creation and development of new target markets. The grant can amount up to 20 million rubles.

More information about the competitions is available on the website or at the Agency for Technological Development of the Ulyanovsk Region.