Ulyanovsk region's defense enterprises to increase their commercial products output

An agreement in the field of diversification was signed between the regional Government and NPO "Konversiya" at the International Industrial Exhibition "Innoprom 2019" on 8 July.


Within cooperation, the organization will provide Ulyanovsk enterprises with regular advisory support and help in developing new solutions for the industry.

“We understand and complete tasks set by the President of our country. Defense enterprises must enter the civil market as this is one of their key strategic national tasks. By 2020, the share of commercial products has to reach at least 17% of the total output, and by 2025 it must increase up to 30%. By 2030, our defense industry should manufacture at least half of goods for non-military use. Increasing the share of commercial products is the best solution, which will allow to use the unique human capacity and results of the industry's technological upgrade”, - Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

The Ulyanovsk region's defense industry is represented by enterprises for production of military equipment, ammunition, and military engineering. The aircraft industry remains one of the major spheres. Now the aircraft factory manufactures aircraft, but they do not have any civil versions. Several enterprises produce microelectronics for Russian defense industry.

“For us it is important to establish partnership relations. Even though most of our defense enterprises are vertically-integrated into their structures, the management must find solutions to produce commercial goods: high quality and competitive ones that are in demand on the Russian market. Conversion will become their access to the resources of federal agencies operating in the Russian Federation. This will ensure good support for our enterprises in the future. To work on the foreign market, it is necessary to understand which products to make and in what spheres. I am sure that it is important for all of us”, - emphasized Andrey Tyurin, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region.

Rostec State Corporation and Vnesheconombank created NPO «Konversiya» in 2017 to increase defense enterprises’ output of hi-tech commercial and dual-use goods.

According to Ivan Bezhanov, Deputy Director General of the organization, the small branch office will be created in the region to communicate with the enterprises directly.

“The Ulyanovsk region has a lot of defense enterprises, there is even a whole cluster here. The region would like NPO "Konversiya" to create a small branch office, a regional organization, because it is quite difficult for the federal center to work with directors, employees, and mid-level managers every day. The office will allow to undertake such work on the daily basis. This is the main idea of the agreement. We are planning to hold events to provide the industry with government support, to help enterprises with development of civil projects, to attract financing, to search for technology partners, as well as ones in the sphere of private business. We will also assist them in completing the tasks on commercial products output”, - he noted.