Kontaktor plant in Veshkaymsky District to expand production and to create new jobs

On 12 July, Governor Sergey Morozov visited the enterprise within a working trip to the municipality.


“We are proud of our industry's achievements. Enterprises located in municipal units contribute to them a great deal. None of them should be deprived of the regional government's attention and support. Expansion and modernization of production, development of new technologies, and training of highly qualified personnel – all of these are the basis to complete the main tasks within national projects. Production is constantly upgraded and improved. It requires new professions, modern skills and competences. Our task is to help enterprises achieve this goal with minimum expenditure. Our region is developing thanks to them”, - the head of the region noted.

The Kontaktor plant is a part of Legrand. The enterprise manufactures automated switches and low-voltage electric equipment.

The plant has one of its units in Chufarovo, a settlement in Veshkaymsky District. Today it includes machining and stamping departments, which are the priority ones and continue expanding.

“Our main objective is to increase output at this plant. Currently we are expanding the components variety, and this project will last for three years. The second most important sphere of our work is establishing a site for assembly of household sockets and switches; we are planning to complete it in 2021. Output expansion will require increasing the number of employees, new skills, and qualified personnel. Their salary will depend on these criteria”, - said Lyudmila Nekrasova, Director General of AO "Kontaktor".

Now the enterprise employs 34 people. It is planned to expand production within the plan for development until 2021; by 2025, the total number of employees will increase by 60 people. Training of new employees is going to start in August 2019.

“We are actively training personnel for the production facility. We have selected institutions of professional and higher education that provide organizations with necessary experts. The enterprise also participates in the national project, thanks to which it now has pre-retirement programmes for its employees. Next week we are expecting to receive compensation of first expenditures. There is a really good system of on-the-job training and mentoring, and the enterprise stimulates professional development. We are thoroughly working in this sphere”, - commented Svetlana Dronova, Head of the Agency for Human Development and Human Resources of the Ulyanovsk region.