Tomotherapy center of Ulyanovsk Regional Oncological Clinic to begin its work late before the end of 2019

During the fifth meeting of the Governor's Council for Investment, OOO "Erspey" and the Ministry of Health of the region signed a concession agreement. They ae planning to renovate prеmіsеs of the radiological ward of the regional oncological clinic in order to establish a tomotherapy center.


“In addition to opening a federal hi-tech center of medical radiology in Dimitrovgrad, we will significantly improve infrastructure of the Ulyanovsk regional oncological clinic. We will also enhance the quality of preventive and diagnostic medical care in this sphere. The new tomotherapy center will help the region develop medical tourism because it will be able to treat people from not only the Ulyanovsk region, but also other parts of Russia. Thanks to this, the region will become an effective link in implementation of the national project "Healthcare" to fight against oncological diseases”, - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

Sergey Panchenko, Minister of Health of the Ulyanovsk region, and Natalya Nikiforova, Director of OOO «Erspey», signed the documents.

According to Sergey Panchenko, the project will be implemented thanks to tools of public-private partnership with the investment of 350 million rubles. It will allow to bring together investment flows and budget components and to equip the oncological center with the latest expensive devices for X-ray therapy.

“Within the programme of compulsory health insurance, inhabitants of the region will have access to free high-precision method of cancer treatment, which can be used for any kind of tumor without damaging the surrounding tissue. This center will become the third one in Russia, and there are only 400 similar facilities around the world. Annually, six hundred and fifty people will be able to receive hi-tech treatment free of charge”, - noted Sergey Panchenko.

The system of tomotherapy is used to treat all types and forms of tumor, as well as neoplasms in remote places such as spinal cord, head, neck, mammary glands, small pelvis, and lungs, and total ray treatment of the whole body. Equipment produced in the United States includes advanced technology of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), which will allow to direct the maximum amount of radiation on the pathology and to minimize harm to healthy tissues. For the best result, location of the tumor is controlled before each session and during the radiation. It will also be possible to treat several tumor nidus simultaneously for patients (including at children) with tumors in various places.

The ministry reports that within the national project "Healthcare", the region is planning to reduce mortality from cancer by 7.5% by 2024. To implement these tasks, eight outpatient cancer care centers will be established in the Ulyanovsk region; about 200 units of latest will be purchased  for the oncological clinic and hematology ward of Yu.F.Goryachev Regional Children's Hospital. In 2019-2024, it is planned to train 25 oncologists, one children's oncologist, six radioterapists, and 10 radiologists. During implementation of the project, more than 200 people will receive further training in oncology. In 2019-2021, 915.6 million rubles will be used for implementation of the project (60 million rubles will be provided from the regional budget).