22 non-profit organizations to get support from the budget for projects on harmonization of inter-ethnic relations

The region has summed up results of the competition of grants for socially oriented non-governmental organizations.


By order of Governor Sergey Morozov, in 2019 approximately 7 million rubles will be used to support projects to improve inter-ethnic and interfaith relations. Twenty-two non-profit organizations will implement projects to promote spiritual and patriotic education, as well as carry out national festivals, competitions, and other events to tell about traditions and customs of peoples living in the Ulyanovsk region.

Seven organizations have won grants worth 500 thousand rubles. These resources will be used to carry out a regional a festival of national cultures "Territory of peace and harmony", youth Cossack games "Volzhskij spoloh", a festival of national cultures "Venok druzhby", and an All-Russian song contest "Poyushchaya Rossiya".

Ten non-profit organizations took the second place; they will receive grants worth maximum 300 thousand rubles. They will use this money to implement Days of Tatar Culture and Language in Dimitrovgrad and Mordovian holiday "Vechkema" (means: Love) to celebrate establishment of the museum "Life, Traditions and Culture of the Mordovian People". It is also planned to organize a meeting in memory of Muslim Magomayev "Ty moya melodiya" (You are My Melody) and a regional song contest "Deti – golos Simbirska" (Children are the Voice of Simbirsk). Cossack community "Hutor Arhangelskij" will hold a children's military patriotic camp "Kazachij dozor".

Five non-profit organizations that got the third place will receive 100 thousand rubles. It is planned to organize a blog competition "Moj kraj", an All-Russian festival of Chuvash clothes "Narspi" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of K.V. Ivanov's poem, and an interregional sabre championship of the Volga Federal District. The list of winners also includes a regional Uzbek public organization "VOSTOK" with its educational project for migrant workers "Shagi" (Steps).

Council for Inter-Ethnic Relations has been working in the region for more than ten years. It is an effective means for development and support of the national policy. The region annually carries out holidays, educational and cultural forums, and events to preserve the unity, to prevent terrorism and extremism, and to support people of the Ulyanovsk region.

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The full list of winners can be found at https://ulgov.ru/page/index/permlink/id/18250/.