More than one thousand doctors to be invited to Ulyanovsk region's hospitals within implementation of the national project "Healthcare"

Head of the region Sergey Morozov met with specialists of the relevant agency, representatives of the Youth Ministry of Health, heads of medical organizations, and members of the regional office of the All-Russian Social Movement "Volunteers- doctors".


They discussed construction of feldsher-midwife stations and repair works in public healthcare facilities of the region. A system of work with young specialists and doctor volunteers was another important topic.

“Health protection is one of the major challenges. To improve access to health-care services, it is necessary to continue recruitment; including the one in rural areas. It is one of the most important parts in implementation of the national project "Healthcare". Obviously, the situation has improved in comparison with 2007 when facilities had only 46% of the required human resources. It was then that we started our long work to attract and support young doctors. A lot has been achieved but more remains to be done. We must bring about one thousand doctors to the industry until 2024. For this purpose it is necessary to develop medical infrastructure and to do everything possible that young people had strong desire to master this profession. Within the same period we must work with even more doctors involved in the system of continuous medical training, including the one with the use of remote technologies. Total implementation expenditures will make 904 million rubles”, - Sergey Morozov said.

In 2018, 263 doctors found work in the region's healthcare industry; 102 of them were young specialists. As a result, medical organizations had 72% of the required staffing capacity with higher medical education in 2018; and by 2020 this indicator must reach 90%. In 2018, 157 graduates of medical colleges were attracted to the industry, which is by 7% more compared to the previous year. Forty-eight doctors and thirty-one professionals with secondary medical education found a job in rural areas within the programmes "Zemskij doktor" and similar ones for mid-level healthcare specialists. Over the five-year period, more than eight thousand medical specialists received social support provided by the region.

“Systematic work on attraction and retention of doctors in our region includes various activities starting from vocational guidance for school children, as well as orientation and development of young specialists' human potential. Development of the voluntary sector, support of social initiatives, involvement of youth - all of these factors are the key to the industry's success. Today, a regional office of the Volunteers- Doctors movement includes more than 300 active young people, who help personnel of medical facilities, help with sport and mass events, improve health literacy of the population, promote blood donation and a healthy lifestyle, and provide vocational guidance. At the request of the head of the region, representatives of this movement will receive a special room to increase their overall performance. Coordinators will be able to carry out training workshops there”, - said Sergey Panchenko, Head of the relevant agency.

Christina Antonova, a coordinator of the All-Russian Social Movement "Volunteers- doctors" in the Ulyanovsk region, talked about results of work and the movement's development prospects.

“We collaborate with educational and medical institutions and have signed agreements with the largest hospitals. Now we are also aiming to work with labor collectives. In the first half of the year, we trained 33 volunteers who were able to hold 14 first aid master classes for people of different ages. They assisted at 11 major regional and city events, gave 10 lectures at blood transfusion stations and helped to attract 351 donors. Last year we also started to train medical groups at schools. Currently we have created them in four schools; their representatives take an active part in work of our movement. In the future we are planning to create a district accreditation center for volunteers, which will be a unique facility for Russian regions”, - Christina Antonova said.