Ulyanovsk region continues to supervise implementation of the national project "Healthcare"

On 25 July, Ekaterina Uba (First Deputy Prime Minister) and Sergey Panchenko (Minister of Health) held a regional video conference with heads of all public health facilities and specialists from relevant departments of municipal units' administrations.


One of the main topics was the All-Russian medical check-up of the population, as well as completion of tasks set within the national project.

“The Russian Ministry of Health held an All-Russian meeting recently featuring Veronika Igorevna Skvortsova. It focused on implementation of the national project "Healthcare" and included such topics as medical check-up and its quality, improvement of human capacities in the industry, digitalization and accessibility of medical services regardless of the place of residence. During the meeting, we discussed in great detail work within all these spheres and whether we meet the specified time frames or not. In general, all objectives can be achieved. Several hospitals somewhat lag behind in some of these tasks. During the meeting we and heads of these medical institutions outlined mechanisms to address all these problems. I think they will be solved in the nearest future. I will personally supervise these issues”, – Ekaterina Uba noted.

According to Minister of Health Sergey Panchenko, particular attention is paid to the medical check-up of the population and development of the system of prevention.

“This week during the meeting of Roszdravnadzor, which summed up last year results, prevention and treatment of cancer was discussed in great detail. Participants of the meeting spesified new requirements for organization of cancer centers. We will need to establish them as soon as possible, and they must become really effective. Particular attention was paid to the All-Russian medical check-up, which has already started in the region. Formal approach to this issue is absolutely not allowed. The personnel, especially in the primary health network, have a direct impact on all these spheres. We must complete all objectives to the best of our abilities and in time”, – he emphasized.

Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation,  signed an order to carry out the All-Russian medical check-up of the adult population. According to the order of Governor Sergey Morozov, the Ministry of Health of the Ulyanovsk region approved the procedure for holding medical examination at the weekend and in the evening. You can find this information at http://www.med.ulgov.ru/deyatelnost/12978.html.

In 2019, more than 500 thousand people had to undergo comprehensive medical check-up in the region. Over the first six months, 290 thousand people, both adults and children, used preventive services.

“There are regional medical institutions that are ahead of the schedule. These are Nikolaevsky, Staromaynsky, Karsunsky, and Veshkaymsky district hospitals, Central City Clinical Hospital, and Ryazanovsky community hospital. But there are also those that lag behind. Some of them have objective reasons. However, they are still responsible to perform medical check-up. There is disciplinary measures, which include doctors losing their incentive rewards”, - said Valentina Stepanova, Director of the Department for Organization of Medical Care of the Ministry of Health of the Ulyanovsk region.

Ekaterina Uba ordered to design measures to stimulate medical institutions that are ahead of the medical check-up schedule. City medical institutions should also have on-site policlinics in the areas where there are staffing problems.

Ilya Midlenko, Head Physician of the Central City Clinical Hospital, suggested involving undergraduate students of ULSU Faculty of Medicine and interns in prevention activities that are scheduled to take place in the region's districts.

The minister also reminded participants of the meeting about the geographic information system of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. It allows regions to carry out spatial planning of the medical infrastructure and to adjust routing of patients taking into account walking and transport networks, population size and density. This resource has been actively used since 2017 to develop and upgrade the primary health-care facilities. Within the project "Developing the Primary Healthcare System" of the national project "Healthcare”   outpatient clinics and village first-aid stations are being built in the region with the use this tool. It is planned to create such first-aid posts in Alakayevka (Novospassky District) and Lesnaya Byl (Cherdaklinsky District) in 2019.

In total, 16 new village first-aid stations have been constructed over the last two years in villages; two mobile FAS have been purchased for Nikolsky and Bazarnosyzgansky hospitals. It is planned to build 12 more modular buildings by 2021, as well as to buy 20 on-site first-aid stations and 11 diagnostic suites.

Digitalization will become an important task to increase  accessibility and quality of health services in Russia. It is planned to create a single digital healthcare system until 2022, which will provide information support for management of patient flows, telemedicine consultations, and continuity of health care services. This tool will increase the efficiency of management for various resources, such as personnel, medicine, materials, finances and others. It will also save medical organizations and patients from paperwork and excessive bureaucracy.

It is planned to create 1200 automated jobs in medical institutions of the Ulyanovsk region in 2019 within the national project. Other tasks include purchasing server hardware to re-equip the data-processing center of the Medical Center for Information and Analysis, connecting 418 village first-aid stations to the Internet, and creating a regional centralized system "First aid and emergency medical care".