Repair and renovation of Museum-Memorial of V.I. Lenin are under way in Ulyanovsk region

More than two billion rubles allocated from the federal budget for these purposes.


Scaffolding is under way, and marble slabs are being removed from the building's facade. Marble, which will be used for the facade during repair and renovation works, will be as similar to the existing ones as possible.

“The project is progressing as scheduled. Currently we are removing marble tiles from the northern facade and are carrying out roofing. We have agreed upon the plan for marble supply from Koyelga deposit located in the Chelyabinsk region. This material was used during construction of the Museum-Memorial of V.I. Lenin. All marble will have been shipped by the middle of next year. This year it is planned to tile about two thousand square meters of the building”, - commented Konstantin Aleksich, Director of OGKU "Ulyanovskoblstroyzakazchik".

According to the project plan to preserve the cultural heritage property of the federal significance, facade of the building will be renovated, the utility system will be completely repaired, and the land plot around the memorial site will be improved.

“In early July the Museum-Memorial of V.I. Lenin created a directorate for repair and renovation planning. It controls all types of works that aim to preserve cultural heritage property. Activities of memorial houses have not changed. Every day city locals and visitors can learn more about the Ulyanov family if they visit a unique exposition in the House Museum. An exhibition of small arms and military equipment of the Great Patriotic War will open in the showroom of the Apartment Museum on 29 July. The Museum-Memorial invites everyone to visit a diorama "Simbirsk in the second half of the 19th century"; on the second floor there is an exhibition "Planet Earth: mountains and falls" that demonstrates more than 200 photos with landscapes from different parts of the world.  The exhibition "Ulyanovsk – rodina Lenina" (Ulyanovsk - Lenin's Homeland) will open in Mao Zedong's House Museum (Shaoshan, People's Republic of China) in August. It will feature pictures created by children and photos of places in Ulyanovsk related to Vladimir Ilyich and his family”, - commented Lidiya Larina, Director of the Museum-Memorial of V.I. Lenin.

To preserve the cultural heritage property, a comprehensive technical inspection of the building was conducted in 2017. The work was carried out by ANO OS "Ulyanovskstrojsertifikaciya".  During the meeting in December 2017, which was chaired by Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov, Vitaly Tur (Director of the organization) announced detailed results of the comprehensive inspection for the Museum-Memorial of V.I. Lenin. The final report specifies that the building envelope (brick walls, stained-glass windows, decorative grates and other elements), utility facilities, and the platform's structural layout have been classed as dangerous.

In 2018, Government of the Russian Federation used federal funds to preserve this cultural heritage property. OGKU "Ulyanovskoblstroyzakazchik" commissioned necessary maintenance works. After the public online auction, which was held June 2018, a government contract was signed with the contracting organization AO "TSNRU" ("Tatar Special Scientific Restoration Department") to carry out repair and renovation of the building's facades and roof.