Exports of goods made in Ulyanovsk region continue to grow

Indicators were announced at the enlarged meeting of the Council of Entrepreneurs for Export Promotion under the Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region on 1 August.


This year the total volume of product exported from the region to foreign markets has increased four times in comparison with the same period of last year. Over the last five years, the export has doubled; and over the last fifteen years it has increased more than 4.5 times.

“Strong export is one of the key indicators of the regional and national economies' successful development and competitiveness. Vladimir Putin's May Decree described development of international cooperation and export as a strategic national objective for the country in the next five years. For us implementation of the national project is both an opportunity to make a major breakthrough in social and economic development of the region and a challenge because it will be the first time we will have to cope with some tasks. I am glad to see positive results of work in this sphere. Following the results of last year, foreign trade of the Ulyanovsk region reached USD 1.5 billion: direct export made approximately USD 800 million. It represents 15% growth compared to indicators of 2017. This year the volume of exported goods has already increased fourfold in comparison with the same period of last period. At the same time, the share of non-oil export made 99.53%. We took the 24 place on export in the rating of regions. But we do not want to stop, so today our task is more extensive: not only to preserve positive export dynamics, but also to speed up development of export of services”, - the head of the region said.

Today 140 enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region export their goods; 22 of them came to the foreign market for the first time last year. Sales geography has significantly expanded thank to such countries as Algeria, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, the USA, Iran, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, and France. They purchase various goods: automotive equipment, fuel, inorganic chemical products, mechanical equipment, optics, furniture, grain, wood and processed wood products, and unclassified items. In the first four months of the current year, 64 countries became the main partners for local manufacturers. During this period, export of regional products made USD 540 million, which represents more than USD 383 million increase in comparison with the corresponding period of last year.

According to Ruslan Gaynetdinov, Chairman of the Board of the Ulyanovsk Region Corporation for Enterprise Development, significant results were achieved thanks to the comprehensive approach to support of exporters at the initial stage.

“The first tool is exhibition and trade fair activities sponsored by the regional budget so that our enterprises could show their products. The second one involves acceleration programmes. We help to certify products, and if necessary, we undertake some part of expenses connected with logistics or legal and accounting services. For example, one of our acceleration projects is a hub that has begun its work in the European Union. It includes 10 enterprises. By the end of August, they will have filled the showroom and the warehouse with goods, which we will begin selling in September. Our next task is to organize similar warehouses in the Middle East and in Southeast Asia; for example, with the help of the regional Product Development Fund”, - the Head of the Corporation explained.

“We have been operating in the market for eight years. During this time, we have produced about 1 million stone sinks, approximately 2 thousand items a month. 15% of them were used for export. Our products are shipped to 50 Russian regions and eight foreign countries: Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and the Czech Republic. We expect that through participation in the hub will be able to demonstrate our products to the European community. This will also open new markets for us and will increase exports”, - said Fyodor Akulov, an employee of Ulgran Company.

In addition, Ulmade.com, a showcase for Ulyanovsk goods, has been successfully working since 2018. It is based on the biggest electronic trading platform Alibaba.com and Allbiz.ru, a platform for the CIS countries. Today more than 300 goods made by 20 companies of the region are available. Applications (about sixty a month) are received from India, Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Togo, Vietnam, China, Palestine, Iran, and Turkey.

Currently export promotion activities are carried out within the national project " International Cooperation and Exports". The region has approved four programmes: "Industrial export", "Export of services", "Export of agricultural products", and "Systemic development measures for international cooperation and export". It is planned to provide more than 956 billion rubles from the federal budget for implementation of the national project in 2019-2024. The following indicators should be achieved by 2024: the number of Ulyanovsk exporters must double; export of services by enterprises of the region must increase up to USD 280 million (this year it must make about USD 210 million); export of non-oil and gas manufactured goods must reach USD 750 million; and export of agricultural products must total USD 72 million.