Modern Waste Treatment Facilities to Be Built in Novolulyanovsk within National Project "Ecology"

On 11 August, Sergey Morozov held a visiting meeting regarding implementation of the federal project "Volga Restoration" in the Ulyanovsk region.


“Recently a lot of money has been allocated from the federal budget for reconstruction of the road network, and considerable resources have been used for urban renewal and improvement, as well as rehousing of citizens. Thanks to this, our cities and villages are changing and they are becoming more comfortable. Reconstruction of the engineering infrastructure is an integral part of this major task. By order of President Vladimir Putin, a new national project has been developed; it includes the federal project "Volga Restoration". It aims to upgrade waste treatment facilities in one hundred cities, which will improve ecological state of the river,” - the head of the region stressed.

The total financing for the federal project "Volga Restoration" within the national project "Ecology" in the Ulyanovsk region until 2024 will make about 5 billion rubles. According to the project, the amount of contaminated wastewater in the Volga River will be decreased from 94,522.8 thousand cubic meters to 31,507.6 thousand cubic meters by 2024.

According to Alexander Cherepan, Minister of Energy, Utilities and Urban Environment, preparations for reconstruction of Novoulyanovsk's upper waste treatment facilities with the designed capacity of 2000 m3/day is currently underway; construction and installation works will begin in 2020. The total cost of work within the project will make 293.641 million rubles. The project documentation has been prepared; it has already received a positive conclusion by the state expert review. The documents have been sent for approval to the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The project includes construction of the latest sewage treatment facilities equipped with mechanical and biological treatment systems. Vladimir Butorov, Deputy of Novoulyanovsk City Duma, explained that reconstruction of these facilities would increase their capacity from 630 cubic meters per hour up to 2000.

In addition, in order to reduce contamination of the Volga River, the Governor instructed to prepare design specifications and estimates for reconstruction of Novoulyanovsk's lower sewage treatment facilities and to send an application to the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities to include the project in the federal programme for reconstruction of engineering infrastructure.